TM Unifi Internet service leaves much to be desired

I STARTED subscribing to the Unifi internet service offered by TM Bhd, in June 2010.

Since the day my subscription commenced until the time of this letter, I have faced numerous and repeated problems with the Hypp TV and broadband Internet connection.

The Hypp TV reception eaves much to be desired as the picture quality is bad with frequent interruptions with “boxed” images.

As for the Internet connection, although I have subscribed for the 5MB package, the maximum I have experienced so far is only up to 3.9MB.

The wireless modem provided is of inferior quality and breaks down easily.

After changing to a new modem, the broadband speed decreased to 1MB or less.

I must admit that I received good response on my complaints to the service provider and they were very courteous too.

With the frequent interference, I felt shortchanged because I am still billed for the service at RM149 per month whereas the service provided was far inferior to my previous Streamyx connection, where I’m only required to pay RM66 per month.

I feel that until TM stabilises their Unifi service quality, clients who face such problems should be given rebates.

Petaling Jaya.


5 Responses to “TM Unifi Internet service leaves much to be desired”

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    • Zaid Aziz Ibrahim Says:

      This is true.
      I had subsribed for the 5MB service on June 2010 and on the first day itself their standard solution for the the IPTV would be to switch on and off. It is now more than 4 months and there are frequent interruptions to the IPTV with the standard solution proposed. They have absolutelly no customer service with promises of fixing it within 24-48 hrs be consistently broken including promises to call me to let me know the status. They even had the gall to give me fake names whenever I asked for their names – for all intents and purposes they have all my details on their computer and yet we not provided full names whenever they are deficient in their service.

      Every single call to the customer service is being charged so congratulations to TM for providing this service including a method of generating revenue.

      Absolutely a 3rd world mentality masquerading behind high tech services that they do not know how to maintain nor service. Don’t ever get UNIFI – they just give you a universal headache.

      Report Nos.
      1-367736791 dated 12/10/2010 (102011,108002 error codes)
      1-3545886 dated 8/10/2010 (102011,108002 error codes)


      • rightways Says:

        Thank you Enc. Zaid Aziz Ibrahim for sharing your thoughts and comments.

        Not only the newly TM Unifi Internet service, but also the established TM streamyx broadband Internet connection is frequently disconnected due to cabling issues which were not properly installed by TM personnel in many area.


      • Seng Choy Says:

        Exactly !

        It is now Sept 2012. Only realised i am not alone.

        Should have refer to this page before subscribing to UniFi.

        I am now facing the same issue exists two years ago !

        I even asked for compensation. They replied using sms. I am not eligible unless problem is caused by TM or issue more than 24 hours.

        Should never sign up earlier. Being lure into it for so called free installation……

        Hope LTE or 4G could take over unifi l……


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