Philippine Group Protests US-Filipino War Games

Maritime claims in the South China Sea

Maritime claims in the South China Sea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

U.S. Plays Philippines War Games | ASEAN Beat.

Fresh from a standoff with the Chinese in the South China Sea, the Philippine government is trying to figure out how to incorporate the US in its defensive shield.

Meanwhile, the Philippine left is playing games:

Renato Reyes of the leftist group Bayan summarized the opposition to the entry of U.S. soldiers in the Philippines: “The U.S. wants it known that it is still top dog in this region, to the great dismay of many peace-loving peoples in Southeast Asia. We do not want our country to be used as a U.S. outpost and playground. We are not a laboratory for U.S. drone wars. We do not want the U.S. meddling in our internal conflicts and regional issues. We do not want the Philippines acting like the U.S. troops’ doormat in the region. We do not want U.S. troops using our country as their Rest and Recreation destination of choice.”

We’ll see what tune Mr. Reyes is playing when Luzon becomes the 32nd province of China. Or maybe he’s already cut a deal with his future overlords?

Sources: The Pacific Bull Moose 

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3 Responses to “Philippine Group Protests US-Filipino War Games”

  1. rightways Says:

    Philippine government never learns the real history of its past colonization by outsiders, America and how to resolve problems with neighboring nations. They don’t know to be own boss, still depend on American aid and is willing to be used as a servant to America to bully neighbors. like Sabah and South China Sea claims, etc. Who will suffer most? Philippine people.


  2. rightways Says:

    South Sea Asian nations including Philippine government and China could and should settle the disputes among themselves peacefully as good neighbors as they have lived in peace for thousand years without the meddling and intervention by USA, an outside foreign power.


  3. rightways Says:

    South China Sea is common heritages of Asians, not the far away outside foreign powers, like the Americans or Europeans.

    China being one of largest, longest and most civilized states for many thousand years in Asia region, and in the world, should be in charge and tasked appropriately to manage the South China Sea (Nanyang in Chinese) in view of the competing claimants among Asean countries.

    Most news and medias we read are coming from the West. Many are still spreading ‘China threats or China bashing’ as we have been dominated by the Western powers for too long.

    Let Asians manage and lead Asia!


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