By-laws governing strata property management in Malaysia, part 2

General duties of a proprietors according to the Third Schedule of Strata Management Regulation 2015

Strata management

WHILE last week’s article covered the general by-laws under the Third Schedule of the Strata Management Regulation 2015, this week, we look at what is required and prohibited by the proprietor who is the house owner.

General duties of a proprietor

• Promptly pay to the management corporation the charges and contribution to the sinking fund relating to his parcel, and all other monies imposed by or payable to the management corporation under the Act;

• Promptly pay all quit rent, local authority assessment and other charges and outgoings which are payable in respect of his parcel;

• Permit the management corporation and its servants or agents, at all reasonable times and on reasonable notice being given (except in the case of an emergency when no notice is required), to enter his parcel for the purposes of:

a) checking for leakages or other building defects;

b) maintaining, repairing, renewing or upgrading pipes, wires, cables and ducts used or capable of being used in connection with the enjoyment of any other parcel or the common property;

c) maintaining, repairing, renewing or upgrading the common property; and executing any work or doing any act reasonably necessary for or in connection with the performance of its duties under the Act or the regulations made thereunder or for or in connection with the enforcement of these by- laws or additional by-laws affecting the development and forthwith carry out all the work ordered by any competent public or statutory authority in respect of his parcel other than such work for the benefit of the building or common property;

d) repair and maintain his parcel, including doors and windows and keep it in a state of good repair, reasonable wear and tear, damage by fire, storm, tempest or act of God excepted, and shall keep clean all exterior surfaces of glass in windows and doors on the boundary of his parcel which are not common property, unless the management corporation has resolved that it will keep clean the glass or specified part of the glass or the glass or part of the glass that cannot be accessed safely or at all by the proprietor;

e) maintain his parcel including all sanitary fittings, water, gas, electrical and air- conditioning pipes and apparatus thereof in a good condition so as not to cause any fire or explosion, or any leakages to any other parcel or the common property or so as not to cause any annoyance to the proprietors of other parcels in the development area;

f) forthwith repair and make good at his own cost and expense any damage to his parcel if such damage is excluded under any insurance policy effected by the management corporation and to carry out and complete such repair within any time period specified by the management corporation, failing which the management corporation may carry out such repair and the cost of so doing shall be charged to the proprietor and shall be payable on demand;

g) not use or permit to be used his parcel in such a manner or for such a purpose as to cause nuisance or danger to any other proprietor or the families of such proprietor; not use or permit to be used his parcel contrary to the terms of use of the parcel shown in the plan approved by the relevant authority; and

h) notify the management corporation forthwith of any change in the proprietorship of his parcel or any dealings, charges, leases or creation of any interest, for entry in the strata roll; and use and enjoy the common property in such a manner so as not to interfere unreasonably with the use and enjoyment thereof by other proprietors.
Follow our column next week to learn of the general prohibitions of proprietors, power of the management corporation and changes to by-laws that are possible.

BY Datuk Pretam Singh Darshan Singh, a lawyer by profession, has previously worked as Senior Federal Counsel, Deputy Public Prosecutor with the Attorney General’s Chambers and legal advisor to several government departments and agencies. He is currently the partner in a legal firm while simultaneously serving as President of the Tribunal for Home Buyers’ Claims. Leveraging his vast knowledge and decades of experience and knowledge, he contributes articles to local and international journals, besides delivering lectures and talks in relevant forums.

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