By-laws governing strata property in Malaysia, part 3

General prohibitions of a proprietor according to the Third Schedule of Strata Management Regulation 2015

A PROPRIETOR shall not use his strata parcel for any purposes, illegal or otherwise, which may be injurious to the reputation of the development area; use as fuel of any substance or material which may give rise to smoke or fumes or obnoxious smells or shall not use any substance which the management corporation in a general meeting shall decide; and throw or allow to fall, any refuse or rubbish of any description on the common property or any part thereof except in refuse bins maintained by him or in refuse chutes or in refuse bins in common refuse chambers provided in the building.

A proprietor shall not use language or behave in a manner likely to cause offence or embarrassment or nuisance to any other proprietor or to any person lawfully using the common property.

A proprietor shall not change the appearance, colour code and façade to any part on the exterior of his parcel without the prior written approval of the management corporation and, where necessary, the approval of the appropriate authority.

A proprietor shall take all necessary steps to prevent his parcel from infestation by termites, vermin, rodents, pests and insects provided that any netting installed shall first be approved by the management corporation.

A proprietor shall not keep any particular animal in his strata parcel or on the common property thereof that may cause annoyance or nuisance to the other proprietors or which may be dangerous to the safety or health of the other proprietors or which contravenes any written law or rules and regulations of the relevant state or the local authority.

In a building used for residential or dwelling purposes, a proprietor shall not, except with the prior written approval of the management corporation, hang any washing, towel, bedding, clothing or other article on any part of his strata parcel in such a way as to protrude outside, other than at the areas designated for such purpose and leave them there only for a reasonable period.

The management corporation may require any person on the common property to identify himself for security purposes and any person who refuses to comply and who is not a proprietor to leave the common property or the development area immediately.

All fire escape routes, including but not limited to, the stairways, landings and passageways in the building or the common property shall not be obstructed by the proprietor at any time and the management corporation may, without prior notice, remove or confiscate any property of a proprietor, including but not limited to, bicycles, potted plants, vases, furniture, trolleys, boxes,goods or objects of any kind whatsoever. The management corporation may put up a notice of any removed or confiscated property which may be claimed by the proprietor within fourteen days from date of the notice subject to payment to the management corporation of a charge not exceeding RM200. If a removed or confiscated property is not claimed at the expiry of the period of fourteen days, the management corporation may discard or dispose of such property as it deems fit without any liability to the proprietor.

A proprietor shall not damage any lawn, trees, shrubs, plants or flowers in the common property.

A proprietor shall not do anything to his strata parcel which may encroach on any part of the common property or any other strata parcels. A proprietor shall not mark, paint, put up posters or banners or notices, drive nails or screws, or fasten brackets or the like into, or otherwise damage or deface, any part of the common property except with the prior written approval of the management corporation. An approval given by the management corporation shall not authorise any addition(s) to the common property.

Every vehicle shall be properly parked in the designated parking bay without causing any obstruction to any adjacent vehicle or the flow of traffic. An improperly parked vehicle may be towed away or wheel-clamped by the management corporation, at the vehicle owner’s cost without prior notice, and in such a case, the wheel clamp will only be removed after payment to the management corporation of a charge imposed by the management corporation which shall not exceed RM200, and with any towing cost and holding charge actually incurred by the management corporation.

A proprietor shall not cause any unsightly accumulation of dirt, garbage, rubbish or debris in his strata parcel and accessory parcel that is visible from the outside and affecting the appearance or façade of the building or common property.

A proprietor shall not carry out any renovation works to his strata parcel without first obtaining a prior written approval from the management corporation and, where necessary, from the appropriate authority.

Unless prior approval in writing has been obtained from the appropriate authority and the management corporation, a proprietor shall not:
• construct another floor level to his strata parcel (e.g. to split the level of any portion of the existing floor in the strata parcel by adding platforms);
• relocate any external door or window of his strata parcel;
• remove or make changes to any building safety feature in his strata parcel and notwithstanding such approvals, the proprietor shall indemnify and keep indemnified the management corporation against any liability which may be incurred or suffered as a result of such removal;
• shift any plumbing and sewerage system in a strata parcel;
• change or upgrade the whole electrical system in a strata parcel; or
• illegally connect or tap electricity supply.


Where the condition of any strata parcel(s) in the development area affects or is likely to affect the support or shelter provided by that parcel for another parcel in the same building or the common property, or causes or is likely to cause damage or destruction to another parcel or any property therein in the same building or the common property; and the proprietor of the parcel in that condition has neglected or refused within a reasonable time of two written notifications of at least fourteen days each from the management corporation to take such action as is necessary to have that condition rectified; the management corporation may, as agent for the proprietor of the parcel in that condition, take such actions and proceedings as are necessary to have that condition rectified and the management corporation may recover the cost and expense of such actions and proceedings from the proprietor of the parcel in that condition as a debt due to the management corporation.


A developer during the developer’s management period may make additional by-laws or make amendments to such additional bylaws, not inconsistent with the bylaws in the Third Schedule, with the approval of the Commissioner of Building.

A joint management body may, by a special resolution, make additional by-laws or make amendments to such additional bylaws, not inconsistent with the bylaws in the Third Schedule, for regulating the control, management, administration, use and enjoyment of the building or land intended for subdivision into parcels and the common property, including all or any of the following matters:
• safety and security measures; • details of any common property of which the use is restricted;
• the keeping of pets;
• parking; • floor coverings;
• refuse control;
• behaviour;
• architectural and landscaping guidelines to be observed by all strata parcel owners; and
• imposition of a fine, not exceeding RM200 against any parcel owner, occupant or invitee who is in breach of any of the by-laws.

Follow our article next week on The Strata Management Tribunal, highlighting criminalising nonpayment of service charges.


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