A Look at USA 2009 H1N1 Virus Compared to China 2020 Corona Virus : Vicious, Political & Xenophobic Racist Attacks Against China Needs To Stop


加油中国!When the United States 2009 H1N1 swine flu emerged, an international emergency, a declared global pandemic, it eventually infected 60 million and initially killed a minimum of 18,449 cases that year. But the final story of the H1N1 global pandemic was far worse than that, with close to 300,000 deaths, according to the final tallies in 2012 reported by the CDC, as you will read below.

Which is why I am scratching my head at how bizarrely negative forces are attacking China and Chinese people as it engages a remarkably aggressive front addressing this Corona virus outbreak which started in Wuhan, central China. I am forced to ask and answer a few questions.

During 2009 H1N1 outbreak, I don’t recall xenophobic anti-America attacks across the globe, do you? In fact, do you recall it took six months for the U.S. to declare a national emergency? Did any government from the onset in April 2009 through the end in April 2010, including the month of June, when H1N1 was declared an international emergency global pandemic, then send out a notice to its citizens that they should leave the United States? Close their borders to American travelers? Nope, not a peep.

Like I said, something’s not right, folks. I am reading hateful vicious attacks on the Chinese government for their supposed intentional conspiracy to intentionally under report the number of infections, yet that is exactly and always the case with such flu outbreaks no matter what country and the CDC reports illustrate that crystal clear. The U.S. H1N1 swine flu numbers were vastly underestimated and updated three years later, because dear friends, that is the nature of such viral outbreaks which don’t care which country they started in. There is never enough man power, there are never enough test kits, there is never enough medicine or medical supplies. China is not trying to hide these hardships, they are well known, they are being reported on the news daily in China. There are always people who die, thousands of them whom we’ll never know if they actually died because of a particular virus. Those are the facts, not any problem unique to China’s healthcare system or government.

Its not a conspiracy, its just tragedy.

According to the June 27, 2012 research report followup three years later, it gets much more disturbing when you learn about the CDC’s final estimate of the H1N1 virus global death toll. You and I find at this at this article at the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy website, the CDC’s 18,449 total deaths number was “…regarded as WELL BELOW THE TRUE TOTAL, mainly because many people who die of flu-related causes are not tested for the disease.” So during the 2009 outbreak, was anyone accusing the American medical and government authorities of hiding the numbers? Were Americans with hidden cameras strolling into the Mayo Clinic to PROVE how many people were really dying? The absurdity of these vicious attacks are that whether or not a person specifically does have the Corona virus or some other viral bug presenting as pneumonia, the treatment is the same supportive treatment anyway.

Something’s not right here folks. The world should be applauding China’s unprecedented, broad, aggressive response. (WHO officials and many other government and healthcare officials across the globe are.) I am on the ground here in China READ IT HERE watching with my own eyes and it is quite incredible by any measure, not to mention an enormous economic sacrifice.

Instead of looking at the will of an entire system of government acting faster than any other government on the planet could, we are one month later, still busy bashing a few local government officials in Wuhan who should have told us a couple weeks sooner. And yes, that is true those local officials screwed up. And by the way, those officials are in deep trouble for it. Just like the recent Puerto Rican politicians who are in trouble when we learned they didn’t distribute hurricane emergency supplies that were sent to them to help during last year’s terrible hurricane. A disgrace. Individual people screw up all the time and hopefully justice gets served later, but that’s not an indictment of an entire country’s government. Secondly, on this point, every provincial government has sent out a notice to its government officials pretty much saying that if they are stupid enough to do the same, they will face the wrath of harsh punishment. I don’t doubt it for a moment. Lets contrast to what countless western politicians have gotten away with and remain in office to remind all of us that human error, stupidity and greed is not unique to any particular skin color or race or country. “What about…” reactions don’t help.

And here’s the mic drop for you: “The CDC researchers estimate that the H1N1 2009 pandemic virus caused 201,200 respiratory deaths and another 83,300 deaths from cardiovascular disease associated with H1N1 infections.” Total: 284,000 deaths. Shocking, isn’t it?

Was there a travel ban for any length of time to and from the United States?

Did China, Germany, Japan or any other country close their border to American travelers?

Today I noticed in the updates that following the United States Department of State policy suggesting U.S. citizens leave China, the United Kingdom embassy just released the same recommendation to subjects of the kingdom.

In 2009, did UK subjects in America get a notice from their kingdom to leave America? No.

Did the world suggest we isolate from America? Close the U.S. borders!? No.

Did Americans get xenophobically attacked and targeted by anti-American sentiments like the Chinese are experiencing now? Um, no.

Fascinating and disturbing to say the least. If you’re an expat currently in China, unless you’re in Wuhan, fact is that you’re most likely safer and more peaceful and more stable by simply staying put than by leaving right now. You couldn’t be safer than in this country, where almost everyone is staying home and dutifully isolating themselves with awareness. Not to mention that the Chinese government’s decision to safeguard the society, the families, the people, is coming at a devastating economic cost in the hundreds of billions.

I have a friend in Mesa, Arizona. He told me earlier that the big popular China City buffet, a huge busy place, has no customers. Does that make any sense at all?

Let’s test our ability to reason, to be rational:

If you were in Miami and you heard that there was a virus outbreak that started in Milan, in central Italy, would you cancel your dinner reservation at the Italian restaurant that night in South Beach? No. Would you buy a pizza next week at Joey’s Pizzeria in Delray Beach?

If you were in Singapore and you heard there was a virus outbreak in Dallas, Texas in the central United States, would you stop going to your favorite local Texas southern BBQ restaurant with the owner from Houston, in Singapore?

Would you avoid olive-skinned dark-haired Italian-looking people on the street in Chicago? Would you avoid big guys wearing cowboy hats, cuz they’re obviously from Texas in Singapore cuz there’s a virus in Dallas and they might have just gotten off the plane? There’s a strange senseless bullying extremism and activism in today’s society and you should do your best to avoid it and not be a part of it. It is fomented by a small group of extremist activists while definitely not supported by your average mainstream person who is simply exhausted by their outrage-inducing antics.

Finally, here are some straight up, sensible accurate descriptions of this Corona virus which started in Wuhan, China. Its not called the China virus and neither was H1N1 called the America virus. Whether two weeks or two months from now, this flu season type virus will have passed and the joy of Spring will have arrived. Just like every flu season. However, don’t misunderstand me. The extra caution and the remarkable response by the Chinese governments and people together to quell the spread of this virus was warranted because, yes it is correct that this corona virus is nastier than the usual annual flu bug, as was H1N1 in 2009. As of now, what we can confidently note the following regarding this Corona virus:

This Corona virus is highly contagious, it spreads quite easily. It binds to lung tissue and so in particular, likes to cause pneumonia, that’s what infection of lung tissue is. That’s more severe than a respiratory infection which is only in your throat or bronchial tubes.

The Corona virus currently has a 2% death rate. That’s a lot higher, around 20x higher, than a more typical annual flu virus with a death rate of 0.1%. However, a 2% death rate is still much lower by comparison to the SARS virus which had a 9% death rate or the MERS virus with a really nasty 37% death rate.

The Corona virus is causing severe symptoms in 10-15% of cases. 80% to 90% of deaths from this virus are happening in elderly patients, mostly with other existing health problems, not younger people. That characteristic by the way, is in contrast to the America 2009 H1N1 swine flu virus which in fact had a higher death rate amongst younger people including children rather than those over 60 years old.

China identified and shared the Corona virus genome in record times, in only days and of course, immediately shared it with all international health and disease organizations. Medical researchers are already discovering that certain existing anti-viral medications seem to be effective against this Corona virus.

Its impossible not to marvel at China’s broad and aggressive domestic response directed by the provincial level governments to restrict movement, restrict transportation, restrict business for a period of time combined with the voluntary dutiful cooperation of its 1.3 billion citizens who are in the majority quietly staying at home these weeks to let the virus pass; this model response is already being hailed by the international community as a remarkable unprecedented response setting a new standard in understanding what is possible for future outbreaks in whatever country they may occur. Is it inconvenient and costly. You bet.

Like I said, something’s not right with the way humanity is responding to what’s happening here. I haven’t put my finger on it because well, its certainly complex and the world is upside down in many other ways that I also can’t for the life of me understand or explain without ending up writing a very thick book.

But I do know this: It needs to stop. This vicious, political, xenophobic racist attacks and smearing of all things China needs to stop. Its really not helping anyone in the political corridors of Washington nor is it doing anything to help the man on the street who is just concerned with taking care of his family.

My family is originally from the Basilicata region of Italy, the little hillside Italian towns of Potenza and also, Grottola, which is just outside of Matera. They left their home country and moved to America where I was born, in Yonkers, New York. America became their home and it was my home until I left, too. Now over two decades ago, I left the United States, the country I was born in, the country that has plenty to admire and plenty to improve. But I left and I came to China and now China is my home. If you had asked me thirty years ago if this was my life plan on planet earth, I would have said you were nuts or a really bad fortune teller. But that’s how it has turned out. I am truly blessed with my lovely Chinese wife and our family living here in Shenyang in China’s northeast. You get my meaning? I am a mature adult like many with the powers of observation. I can easily see that whether we are talking about China or the United States or any other country, their societies and their governments have good points and bad points.

The xenophobia needs to stop now. Whether in a couple of weeks or months later, this nasty flu type Corona virus will begin declining and the joy of Spring will arrive. Between now and then if you don’t have anything good, anything supportive to say about China or Chinese people, how about you just keep your mouth shut.

Mario Cavolo, Shenyang.

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Top spammers and scammers in Malaysia by anti-spam mobile app Truecaller

If you’ve been getting a flood of automated phone calls lately about outstanding traffic summonses or a parcel delivery you know nothing about, here’s the likely reason.

Statistics from an anti-spam mobile application show that over the past 12 months, Macau, parcel and other scam syndicates have been making more calls to trick Malaysians into handing over money.

Truecaller – which claims to have 150 million daily active users worldwide – said there has been a 24% jump in the average number of spam calls received by its one million users in Malaysia this year compared to 2018.

The mobile app, which has offices in Sweden, the United States and India, said it has helped users in Malaysia identify and block 90 million spam calls so far this year, typically from telemarketers offering telecommunications, insurance and credit card products and services.

Scam calls are a form of fraudulent activity with the goal of stealing the victim’s money.

Last year, scam calls – including those by Macau Scam syndicates – made up a mere 1% of spam calls received by the app’s Malaysian users.

This year, the figure has ballooned to a whopping 63%, according to the Truecaller Insights 2019 report.

The Macau, parcel and “Astro” scams are among the top scams in the country over the past year, the report noted.
The modus operandi of a Macau Scam is by impersonating someone with authority, such as a policeman or a bank officer, and convince the victims over the phone that they need to pay money to avoid trouble.

For parcel scams (which are also sometimes referred to in Malaysia as love scams), the scammer would strike up a relationship with the victims online, and then convince them to send money so that a parcel said to contain a valuable gift for the victim can be “released by authorities”.

In the Astro scam, someone impersonating a representative from the satellite TV provider would call a potential victim to deliver a warning.

“Input we’ve gotten is that they would say you have an unpaid bill and that needs to be paid right away, otherwise you’ll be reported for it, ” a Truecaller representative said.

The report’s findings are reflected in official figures on losses suffered by the victims.

Police statistics show that of the five currently active syndicated commercial crime cases this year, investment scams took the number one spot, recording the biggest losses at RM200.78mil, with Macau Scam in second and parcel scams third.

On Nov 12, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Mohd Azis Jamman said 1,911 Malaysians lost RM94.04mil to Macau Scam this year, while 1,303 lost RM67.74mil to parcel scams.

According to the Truecaller report, Malaysia is the mobile app’s 19th most spammed country. In first place is Brazil, where Truecaller users receive an average of 45.6 unsolicited calls a month, followed by Peru (30.9), Indonesia (27.9), Mexico (25.7) and India (25.6).

While Malaysia may not be the most spammed country it does hold another unsavoury record.

“Analysing this year’s data, we can see that Malaysia is the market that receives the biggest percentage of scam calls in the world, ” the report said.

Malaysia is trailed by Australia (60%), Lebanon (49%), Canada (48%), and South Africa (39%).

The police have a Facebook account, Cyber Crime Alert Royal Malaysia Police (https://www.facebook.com/CyberCrimeAlertRMP/) to warn the public about scams.

A web portal set up by the police, http://ccid.rmp.gov.my/semakmule, allows people to verify telephone numbers and bank accounts that could be used for scamming.

Source link
Spam calls up by nearly a quarter in Malaysia: anti-spam mobile app Truecaller

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia has seen a 24% rise in the number of unsolicited (spam) calls this year which includes those from Macau Scam syndicates, according to anti-spam mobile application Truecaller.

Truecaller – which claims to have 150 million users worldwide – said its one million daily active users in Malaysia received more than 90 million spam calls so far this year that the app managed to block.

“Over the past 12 months Malaysia has seen a 24% increase of spam calls, going from 6.7 spam calls per month to 8.3,” the Truecaller Insights 2019 report said.

The report said Malaysia ranked 19th among Truecaller market countries in terms of the number of spam calls.
Brazil tops the list, with Truecaller users in the country getting an average of 45.6 spam calls this year.

In second place is Peru (30.9), followed by Indonesia (27.9), Mexico (25.7) and India (25.6).

Spam calls are divided into several categories which include scam calls such as those by the Macau, parcel and “Astro scam” syndicates.

Other types of spam calls include those by telemarketers offering telecommunications, insurance and credit card products and services.

The MO for a Macau scam is that the scammer would impersonate someone with authority such as a policeman or a bank officer over the phone and convince the victim that they need to pay money to avoid trouble.

For parcel scams (which are also sometimes referred to in Malaysia as love scams), the scammer would strike up a friendship or relationship with the victim online and then convinces them to send money or entice the victim with a parcel delivery.

In the “Astro scam”, someone impersonating a representative from the satellite tv provider would call to warn the potential victim of a supposedly unpaid bill which needs to be settled immediately to prevent a report from being lodged.

The Truecaller report noted that Malaysia is the top country where the biggest percentage of unsolicited phone calls comprises of scam calls.

“Analysing this year’s data, we can see that Malaysia is the market that receives the biggest percentage of scam calls in the world.

On Nov 12, Deputy Home Minister Datuk Azis Jamman said 1,911 Malaysians lost RM94.04mil to Macau scams this year while another 1,303 lost RM67.74mil to parcel scammers.

The Truecaller report said that other than Malaysia, other top countries with the highest percentages of scam calls include Australia (60%), Lebanon (49%), Canada (48%) and South Africa (39%).

The police have a Facebook account, Cyber Crime Alert Royal Malaysia Police to warn the public about scams, as well as a portal for people to verify telephone numbers and bank account numbers that could be used by syndicates carrying out such scams.
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The latest NED atrocity is the violent riots in HK, aimed to prevent China from extraditing criminals to stand trail in China. The stupids in HK fell for it, heralding doom to their safety and prosperity. without the law, HK will continue to be a dream safe heaven for international criminals.


Sadly most people are 🐑 and care more about America’s Got Talent and Big Brother updates than neocon psyops and power plays. I sometimes wish I could be blissfully ignorant like them.


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The inimitable Mr. Max Blumenthal strikes again! Well done! This is phenomenal investigative documentary journalism, as informative as it is watchable.


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China recently executed many CIA agents trying to undermine their government. The South Korean and North Korean gov should likewise do to these foreign agents.


After seeing how Western media distorted the true picture in the recent Hong Kong riots, I believe what you say is true. Thanks for standing up for the truth! This is just one of the many videos showing what the so-called peaceful demonstrators did. But the Western media called this a peaceful demonstration. If this had happened in USA the rioters would have been shot by the national guards.https://youtu.be/l-OkMoAznqI


John Pilger’s doc The War on Democracy also exposes the ugly meddling that goes on in the NED.


@22:09 “Are you Sidney Blumenthal’s son?” = “Are you that terrible Jewish person I keep hearing about?” The last 5 minutes, the way you wrapped up all the reporting at the beginning, was brilliant Max. The ending was icing. You damn “Sidney Blumenthal’s Son” you.


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West has some of the biggest psychopathic maniacs the world has ever seen, they are an abomination, nature gone wrong ! Whether it is neocons, zionists, sociopaths, Christian Zionists, military industry, wow the list is endless !


So important, Thank you Max! The unelected power establishment needs to be held responsible and pushed to the light. I mean, how can the Chairman of the NED say “We’re for open societies” and still work with taxpayer money of people who don’t have a clue where their tax money is going to? It’s the opposite of “open” government. It’s shady!


I always have faith in Max’s reports. Sometimes I wish I didn’t. The Nancy Pelosi “interview” (20:24) was just sooo embarrassing. “I don’t know what they do…”  Where do people find hope for the future?


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NED ought to promote democracy in the united states. And Leave other countries alone.


Great documentary, really respect your work. On another note, you should try to investigate Middle Eastern media outlets such as Radio Sawa and Al-Hurra (which are both funded by the US government). Maybe they have something to do with NED and IRI’s Middle Eastern agenda since they’re both pushing pro-American as well as pro-Israeli narratives on their respective media platforms.


Wish TYT Progressives do work of investigative reporting like this


I learned about NED when I researched the violent riots in HK. This is a shameful organization with objectives to instill riots and instability in other countries. Shameful!!!


Great work Max. I’ve never clicked on patreon before but feel kind of obligated to after this. Really compelling reporting


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i aim starting to have doubts if those “defectors”are real and not some Korean claiming to be a NK defector


13:40 The guy who declared that the fall of the Soviet Union represented ‘the end of history’ because capitalism was clearly the best possible system.




NED = National Extremists of Destruction


Now they are working in HongKong. Thank you Max for in depth journalism.


So sad. How do they face themselves without principals in life.


They are terrified of Max! Those in the room that don’t know him don’t know what they are in for, they are flirting with peril. Brilliant Socratic dialogue with the ignorant ones!


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Great great work! Thanks from China where its city HongKong are facing riot funding by NED.


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I love you Max Blumenthal, your journalism is real. It is a source of inspiration to, for once, have someone who undoubtedly delivers the truth to the masses.


US should be the last one talking of Human Rights after that record. It’s like a serial addict giving lectures on abstinence.


I’ve long held that the US is effectively the world’s largest, and most destructive, TERRORIST organization! Real journalism is proving me right all along…


Max (to NED official) : “May I ask you a question?” / NED: “Are you Sidney [Blumenthal]’s son?” / Max: “Yes.” / NED: “I heard about you.” / Max: “Is that a no?” / NED: “Yes.” Some badge of honor!! Bravo, Max Blumenthal!! Great work!!


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They just funded the riot in HK….has been proven NED is largest donator of HK protestor organizers


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Today NED is meddling in HK!


Odd how he asked who he was. At the end 😆 I love every min of news like this helps people know how to see thru the illusions out there!!


As Ret Col L. Wilkerson put it in a nutshell (para): Right now we have two colossal battles going on between two titanic state-building efforts: one started in 1947, coming to fruition in the cold war, and now called by scholars, “The National Security State.” And the raison d’etre of that state is to have war… constant war… to keep the Military Industrial Complex, that Eisenhower warned us about, rich and bountiful! On the other hand, you have the Koch inspired… and now the well-fueled predatory capitalistic state which is aiming at making capitalism ballistic and so forth and making billionaires the plutocrats that rule this country! Those two states right now, having contiguous elements…that is to say the Military Industrial Complex – a company like Lockheed Martin – will be in the predatory capitalist state and vice versa. They are having a titanic struggle though, intellectually and realistically, on the ground as to who runs this country in the future. And NEITHER STATE HAS THE REMOTEST CONCERN FOR THE AVERAGE AMERICAN, FOR THE MIDDLE CLASS, OR ABOUT FREEDOM, DEMOCRACY OR LIBERTY! They ONLY HAVE CONCERN FOR THEIR STATE-BUILDING EFFORTS: the one – leading to more wealth for fewer people, and the other – leading to more war and wealth to their people. [The “Permanent War State” Aims to Plunder Venezuela – Wilkerson and Jay @fjsA]


What this defectors do. And their supporters do is political warfare.


US: if you don’t listen to us, I will destory you. China: hold on US: hey, those protesters in Hong Kong are heroes.


so what is democracy, US is the culprit who has created unrest


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See if you can run the audio through a compressor to automatically equalize the sound levels. This is very important work. Now for the easy part. Your video software may already have “compress/expand” and “normalize” for audio. You’ll be experts in 10 minutes if you practice on small clips. Thank you Greyzone!


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SOMEONE SHOULD BLOW THEM ALL UP IN ONE PLACE! I hate evil people, especially corporate types.


This is really important work. Keep it up.


Democracy leads to rise of working class, and the rise of working/labor class leads to socialism.


The NED exists to protect the American bourgeoisie’s global interests


Thank you Max for real report


Wish I could give this 100 thumbs up. This is why I’m a monthly Patreon donor. Such excellent journalism!!


A lot of people hugged Hitler and German warcriminals. For starters , ask the USA and Henry Ford.


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Thank you so much for your hard work and courage to show us the truth. Real journalism like this is truly rare and precious in the world today. Thank you! Thank you!


Are these people involved in the Hong Kong’s 2019 protest?


Doesn’t Amazon own New York Times? Or is it a different tabloid? I can’t remember which one it is.


Max,..will you please run for president!? Thank you for your dedication to presenting the ‘stubborn facts’,…that the american government tries so hard to conceal behind their flimsy and unsubstantiated veil of ‘democracy’, and ‘freedom and justice for all’. The Empire wears no cloths,….Thank you Max, and all at Grayzone.


Hong Kong said: “hi, daddy!”


Wow. This is a new level of revelation for me. True journalism is a form of heroism. Thank you! ❤


Bari Weiss is a clueless tool doing the bidding without knowing it of the wealthy and owners of the media. She doesnt even know why she thinks things if you watch the Joe Rogan podcast with her on it.


Is that like the Democracy they gave to Libya


Now they put their dirty hands on Hong Kong.


excellent reporting, thank you Max!


NED=World Terrorist Organization




Well done Max! A great piece


He gets good interviews when he’s not confrontational about it. People open up when they feel like you’re on their side or persuadable.


10:40 Pelosi is confusing her own SF district with NK.


There are No Democracy in US..no more..the most corrupt nation…


anothr rappid braidwashed youngster with out a clew. ohn bother


The most evil organization in the world


Max Blumenthal is an excellent journalist. This all sounds like Iraq all over again and we’re paying for it.


Excellent work!! Keep it up Grayzone!


Max, you a true inspiration for journalism and future journalists. Big kudos for your work !


All is a fabrication, nothing is real. Everyone has an agenda. Make your story sound good and you will get heard. It is the money, a power that corrupts.


no wonder fda usda and epa AND TRUMP endorse napalming crops with glyphosatan herbicide just a few days before harvest — it makes all of us at least a little bit sicker — and thus keeps the vicious-cycle pharma/poizion-based economy healthy for certain privileded greedy sadistic corporate fascist motherfrackers with the sworn agenda to infiltrate, sabotage, corrupt, and enslave and destroy everything pure and natural and good just to piss off jesus — who got whacked for exposing the synogog of satan’s ( practice of selling animals for sacrificing in the temple — as if sacrificing innocent critters is a way to have sins forgiven ! ) guess who gets to be the sacrificial animals these daze — all of us pesky honest to goodness indigenous schmucks . (the proverbial meek who were fortold will inherit the earth) i’m telling all of yawl it’s SABOTAGE ! “victory through deception” is on the mfn mossad logo for christsakes . give credit where credit is due . b less gullible. lets turn the table on those evil masterminds and not-see flunkys hellbent on imprisoning the planet in one worldwide-wireless concentration cramp. “rejoice — for the kingdom of heaven is at hand !” (godspeed good shepherding yawl !)


Same as Bana in Syria, now they have some memes of her about Venezuela, named Baña. LOL!


I love how he uses the word “sidekick”. CIA = Batman NED = Robin


I went to subscribe and I see that I already am. Why does this channel not appear on my suggested videos. Hmmmm.


Thoughts and prayers for Hong Kong


She speak so good English?? My Korean friend been learning years of English and still can’t match hers. 🙄


Ughh, United States is such a hypocrite! And Nancy friggin Pelosi right in the middle of it.


I’ve been studying a lot of this stuff for some time now, I didnt know the group was called NED but I knew about things like this, didn’t realize what a specific and massive role they’ve played. The part where the founder says “I know about you…” is kind of ominous.


If you havent worked it out the CIA and America are their to put right wing pro corporate govts in charge to take the power from the workers and people and to privatise the world with the ultra wealthy corporates in charge of all the means of production and resources. And in the end the ultimate power and control of everyone.




Pelosi and co…vermin of humanity, no value for human life other than her ilk, the fascistic 1%ters who enslave the rest


Real reporting? It’s like finding a unicorn these days. 🦄 Subbed.


NED is killing Hong Kong.


04:44 “North Korea is an unimaginable country. There is only one channel on TV. There is no internet.” LOL


they don’t want peace and harmony within china,korea,russia,india,divide and conquer.


Mad Max at it again! Love you 💯%


The whole Yeltsin affair is the reason why I laugh at the US’s whole debacle of “Russian interference”. Good riddance, have a taste of your own medicine.


Heh I would expect it to at least be as bad as South Korea. My family from there tells me some pretty awful things about the social issues.


The access Max has to the nefarious goings-on with these scumbags is priceless. REAL journalism here.


Nowadays, people don’t believe in facts, they just believe dramatic story.


Important video! Great journalism! Will share!


Btw I’d love to see there books and how much money was funneled to “free market/lynching enthusiasts” in Venezuela.


That last clip was funny. “Are you Sydney Blumenthal’s son?”


Same companies are censoring alternative medicine, NIH-sourced science, natural alternatives to pharma and education about mandatory medical procedures … government-mandated injection of toxins with no valid science to defend the practice but a massive marketing campaign to create fear (measles or N Korea … same mechanisms!)


That guy gave a shout out to your dad! I have been a fan of Max Blumenthal for a while, but now I have to look up mr. Sidney Blumenthal, because I can already tell he is the kind of guy I will like!


Thank you so much, for this work…we need to know the Truth..


Thanks so much for this riveting, informative programme , the question is how and do we really need scum like we have running our countries, are having psychos necessary ingredient for running countries.


Good to look back to this document and great journalism.


US citizens funded and funds the Government and majority of them choose their Government who made the “#American #Values” to become: #Oil Thirsty, #Gold Hungry, #War #Mongering, War #Criminals and more War #Crimes.


America itself is infected by the covetous parasite we all know about. It’s goal is to destroy ethnic and cultural identity worldwide.


Watch out from these NED related groups..men.Thank you very much!


Thanks Max, such great work! Just want to know what US tax payer thoughts of this.


It’s all about $$$$ and visas…the secret invasion…


I didn’t realize that Nancy Pelosi was so explicitly supportive of NED. I would have thought that she opposed regime change operations.


“Iraqi soldiers throwing Kuwaiti incubator babies on the floor”, the young girls speech reminds me of that!


An open society is a society open to corporate control for the purpose of extracting wealth..


Wow! Thanks for the exposing! We should spread this video clip worldwide. Overthrowing regime becoming an evil industry… 👎


lol at how the Trots are involved in this NED imperialism


Keep exposing these blood sucking vampires, keep doing the great work you do. Very illuminating video, lots of things to talk about this evening that’s for sure. Btw, I just subscribed.


love you Max…thanks bro.


I wonder how many christian fundamentalists there are in the n.e.d. ?




You guys do a phenomenal job here at the Grayzone. Just about every video I’ve watched has been fantastic. However, I would quibble about a couple things on this one, largely on strategic grounds. I don’t think it’s a good look to, at the beginning of this video, refer to the NED as a “taxpayer-funded organization…that aims to topple socialist governments” and then spend much of the rest of the video documenting the NED’s efforts to undermine the governments of North Korea and Nicaragua. It seems to imply that the current North Korean and Nicaraguan regimes are socialist, when in fact they are nothing of the sort, unless one strains the definition of “socialist” so much that the term becomes meaningless. Both regimes are enemies of the left and any kind of genuine socialism. I suspect you would agree with this assessment, but I think it would help enormously if you stated this fact up front in order to defend your work against disingenuous attack dogs. I want to stress that I have no problem with the substance of what’s presented here, most of which is excellent, but when putting together these pieces, it’s important to take measures to protect yourself from mainstream mudslinging, which I’m sure will become more and more often as you guys gain popularity. Keep up the good work!


…”but… but there’s only one channel on tv… and no internet”… Good god child… you’ve no idea how fortunate that is… “but North Korea is such a horrible country” …zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


When you defect from your socialist country and can’t find a job in the US the NED might be a great place to look. Outstanding report Max. Just be ready for the inevitable lay-off and a new role as human furniture for corporate business.


It is prudent to consider American info as tainted. America needs a USSR, they can use it to frighten their taxpayers. Weather Communism is good or bad depends on how life was, before. Most countries become communist after a period of extreme poverty, and extreme injustice. Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam …. and more. Think about all of these countries prior to becoming Communist / Socialist.


Really sad! They could go to any.country and find some scum willing to work against their own citizens. This was.done.in Venezuela for years.


That is what’s happened in Macedonia as well and they are working there with years, they corrupted politicians professors people of every segment of the society, media and everything with one purpose to make a fake picture, people to be brainwashed so many things in the country to be changed in their own interest even if that means change of the legal elected government which is happened 2016 in Macedonia with obvious influence of the American ambassador in judicial and legal matters.Now the new government is doing everything what they said they’re not going to do before the elections now they have opened new TV station under control and plus most of the old one’s. Many people of the American administration are involved including SOROS open society


Thank you! I look forward to more. This is the best in journalism. Bless you all.


the most convincing argument for Max’s story is that there is no way he could be making this shit up. Which says volumes about those individuals who believe it. Thank you Max, would that it would penetrate the thick fog of western imperialist propaganda


Fantastic as always max.


Running from the hard questions because they don’t have answers. Thanks Max.


all that money for lying . wow, what a bunch of scumbags !!!!


Seeing this video for the first time. All the usual suspects are involved: Thor Halversson and his ‘Freedom forum’, which Jimmy Dore exposed last year (that’s when I first heard of them); Bari Weiss, who was exposed by Joe Rogan earlier this year when she tried to smear Tulsi. Thanks to excellent reporting like this, I don’t take any testimony by anyone on matters of war and peace and human rights on face value anymore. I have started to always research who is behind these stories, who pays them, where does funding come from etc. Thanks for making me aware of this!


Our government is elected by the people, the best political system in the world and you must have it. We’ll help you get it but first you must do everything we say. We’re not interested in controlling you because our aim is the world. Oh yes, we’re NOT authoritarian so you can trust us!!! SURE America!!!


I believe Operation Mockingbird is alive and well.


National Endowment for Democracy, Orwell would love that one. “one cornal of cob..” Pelosi once again executing the English language.


NED is also behind the end of yugoslavia. He knows about him – that sounded menacing.




Nancy P. Has not seen real tragic and staggering poverty yet, till she comes down to ground zero of Vancouver BC’s East Hastings Street, there she will witness eye-burning and heart-wrenching poverty caused by the city/province. Seems everyone wants to cash in on politics and made up suffering tales. Nice.


$890,000 for defector stories offered by South Korea


they just want MONEY!


For 860 000 dollars I could tell you some bad stories about my country involving mass killings tanks torture and shooting people.


I dont mind if usa infiltrate into north korea. But china? Through hong kong


I got help from lutherangrants/org .They sent me over $55,000 from their grant schemes.


Leaves me speechless….I feel I hate to be lied at.


Leaves me speechless….I feel I hate to be lied at.


Criminal trash, zionest puppets! Thank you for exposing these creatures and their lies


Well if anyone knows about brainwashing, it’s Pelosi!


Wait. Democracy exists?


The NED also sponsored propaganda about the DRCongo. Nobody talks much about that country where the worst postWWII atrocities happen.


free lunch is usually costly… the price of this particular free lunch is your soul and always be ready to be dumped like a piece of toilet paper when you are no more needed! never sell your soul to nobody – not demon, not god, not rich, not poor. souls ain’t for sale. lunches ain’t for free.


Where is the Congressional oversight? What is this costing?


Performing biological experiments on live people? Google Dr. Corneius P Rhoads and the death of Pedro Albizu Campos in Puerto Rico…


16:00 not that rare. Can find testemonies some of whom have been silenced.


dude how you still alive ? lol


Do not like the WORD GESTAPO… NAZI…. But this is What we had in our History In my Granfather Time… In Alsace-Lorraine…. Part of France Now… So,,,, SO called Free Democracy USA.. Is Doing ,,, Exactly the Same.. These People look like …. SALUTATIONS


These people need to leave governments around the world alone.


i c a lot of “leftist” sharing news articles from NEd


Yeonmi Park said her father died of cancer. Her mother said paid 2 people Carrie body was a lie she said she buried body in another interview Yeonmi said she buried ashes an other video Yeonmi Park said her mother went back to china get ashes that Yeonmi Park said on One Young World she buried in secret. Fabricated stories Yeonmi Park is telling.


4:29 “And then they took the babies from the incubators…”


horrifying truth.. inconvenient for the brainwashed. thank you sir for exposing the lies.. it’s vital vital vital work for the current world.


Russia and China, as part of the Allied Forces, lost 47 million people stopping Hitler. They are currently gathering a new Allied Forces, to stop the new Empire in town: the US/NATO Empire…taking over more land than Hitler ever dreamed of. WW3 unfolding before our eyes. Who will join the Allied Forces? Who will join the US Empire? US Empire is a mirror image of what happened in Germany as WW2 unfolded.


Brillante y valiente periodista, y para que harán o con que propósito hacen esas intrigas?


Honestly I can see the fear in the eyes of those who promote or direct in any way NED, when you question them…how they run away from you, because you uphold the truth, and therefore they see you as a vampire sees a silver bullet. ” the truth will set you free”…


This makes freedom and democracy look evil


I really enjoyed these reports. Washington DC is demon NOT a democratic country.


Thanks for this. US Corporate Media fails us.


For further backstory on the NED, google “robert parry perception management”…


It is still quite shocking to me that my media in the UK and the American media and the Canadian, German, French, Dutch, Swedish…all of the ”free” world’s establishment media (and much of the rest) is full of shit. It really can’t be trusted.


Top shelf report max.


Great piece of work. Thanks.


there’re north korean working in chinese kidnapped by south korean and forced to make false testimony about north korea. basically everything on msm about north korea is pure lie.


Pelosi was talking about the US she described the population accurately she just confused it with N Korea


I don’t know what Is worse. living in North Korea with Kim jug on, or here with Trump, and his crazy war monger’s. the wrong #Amazon Is burning, and the wrong Ice is melting. thanks Wonka Luv’z y’all anyway.


Love your work


You can have democracy, but once u have the democratic model like those of West and US, you will be always be under their world order, never to outdo them. Guess which country know this and thus was attacked by US and the West , day in , day out. I ask u, would u like a cobbler to become the CEO of a global company? Of course not, look at those ctries which followed the democratic model of US! A comedian become the President of Ukraine!A dishonest , a bankrupt , businessman, becomes the President of the most powerful ctry in the world!


Max this video is great but please learn how to say “Xinjiang” properly


The evrr dirty USA where lies, cheats and steals is the order of the day.


americas whole foreign policy is based on liar testimony. every aspect of what goes on in washington is based on lies and half truths, both foreign and domestic.


In the western world there is so much economic inequality – so should these countries like Russia – China – Korea and some other countries get together and creat NEEE – National endowment for economic equality just like NED
You really need a pop filter.
NED is indoctrination, not democracy.


Well done, Max.


LOL, they don’t even change their playbook, they have SOP for color revolution.


National Endowment for Hypocrisy
Look at HK… the CIA used to do this secretly… but now the NED is an NGO that does the dirty work for the CIA


Its a terrible shame that Blumenthal pushes the lie that Trotsky somehow is responsible for the Neo cons. People that he cites are people who REJECTED Trotsky.. even though they may have once come from groups that thought of themselves as Trotskyist. Trotsky always defended and supported the Soviet Union ..his critique of Stalin gets turned by people like Blumenthal into him being anti Socialist…and Anti Soviet. Some of the people he mentions did become anti Soviet and moved on to becoming players for the Neo Cons and Israel. Others Like the disgusting International Socialists ( ISO) turned to calling the Soviet Union just another form of Capitalism and even opposed the heroic Cuban troops that defeated South Africa in Angola…calling them an imperialist occupation force. More genuine Trotskyist Leninist’s like the Spartacist League , with all their faults…praised the Cubans..and fought against Solidarnosc..they were hated by the liberal left and the ISO for this. It is just WRONG that Blumenthal and so many others push this lie and advance the falsification of history by doing so. I otherwise support much of his fine work.


you misquoted, the North Korean girl did not say she escaped with her mother only at 5:45. why r u lying? and you edited the video at that part, some screens are being cut as well.
True journalism.


You won’t be able to get away with amazing infiltrations like this for long if they are properly dispersed among civilians. It is great that you used it to such strong effect. Keep defining yourselves and achieving such needed distinction within journalistic integrity.


Elizabeth Taylor, thank you so much for this Max, I’d never heard at all about this dreadful group tho they badly affected things I was very interested in and cared about a lot, like Nicaragua 1990.
Blowjob Pelosi could hardly dodder away fast enough when she heard “Russia”.


NED bunch of CREEPS! They have no rights!
thanks to the Max !


Oh well the Kim’s are great then
do americans support what their government is doing outside US?


Thank you for my government who like to interfere other countries for democratic???? Humans right???? I can tell HK peaceful rioters???? I want to join this good pay job.????? God bless America
Liars, cocodile tears, hows are the free money paid by the american tax payers? nice right?


Kimy likey Sum Yong Gurl…
That was absolutely brilliant. However I am unsettled by ending saying the journalist was Sidney Blumenthal’s son. Now I don’t know what to think
satanic machine.. SMH
Max be careful. Look what happened to Epstein. Almost everything which could go allegedly went wrong and Epstein was eliminated. Who knows may be Killary and her seven pervert dwarfs did it but one is for sure that he knew so much that they feared him and were desperate making up such a story. So be careful my friend in the criminal states of zionazimerica. It is like the daughter of ambassador of kuwait before the Iraq war. Those who claim that others are dictator are themselves the real dictators. Those coup makers got busted in Turkey 2015. Not anymore, said Turkish people.



Some facts are obvious: if the “blankist faces” she ever saw were the N Koreans Pelosi obviously must be dozing off in Congress – the drone, I guess. And since Kuwait, the ante has been raised on ghoulish atrocities requiring R2P attention: an invasion over incubators and now producing babies for hungry dogs!. Don’t think I can stomach the next fantasy.


Hong Kong’s social problems stem from British rule, faces risk of Beijing rule as UK’s ‘toothless threat’ against China


China urges UK officials to stop making wrong remarks on Hong Kong

The Chinese way of ruling https://youtu.be/BPV8mBAiuZ0


 Graffiti reading ‘Cancel Functional Constituencies’ is seen on lawmaker desks after protesters entered and vandalised the chamber of the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong in the early hours of July 2. — Photos: Bloomberg
Graffiti reading ‘Cancel Functional Constituencies’ is seen on lawmaker desks after protesters entered and
vandalised the chamber of the Legislative Council building in Hong Kong in the early hours of July 2. — Photos: Bloomberg

LAST Monday, I watched the live telecast of protests in Hong Kong in horror as hundreds of protesters forced their way into the Legislative Council building, ransacking the chamber and defacing the emblem of the Hong Kong Government.

July 1 marked the 22nd anniversary of the handover of Hong Kong to China in 1997, when British colonial rule and humiliation ended, but it turned out to be one of the city’s darkest days.Protesters were seen waving large Union Jack flags in the middle of the chamber, searching for documents and destroying computers. Watching the TV footage was worrying and mind-boggling. Western media, including CNN, reported that there was no leader – but to me, the chaos seemed organized.

Hong Kong, which had been under British colonial rule for 155 years before 1997, is now under the jurisdiction of China. Hence, the display of the British flag lent credence to Beijing’s accusation that Britain was one of the Western forces behind the series of protests in Hong Kong.

In vandalising the building and its interior, protestors showed a complete disregard for the rule of law – the core value of keeping public order in this international financial centre.I continued to monitor the news on various international news channels until past midnight, when the armed police finally moved in in heavy trucks to clear the rioters. A key reason the police stayed away from confronting the rioters was due to a directive from China’s President Xi Jinping to Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam that “there must not be blood”, according to local newspaper Apple Daily.

Before marching to the Legislature on Monday, protestors had already taken to the streets previously in an attempt to disrupt a flag raising ceremony carried out by officials of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (as Hong Kong is formally known under China’s rule), but they left after a scuffle with the police that left many hurt.Peaceful pro-democracy street marches on July 1 have been an acceptable annual routine ever since the 1997 handover. This year, however, the situation was tense due to massive demonstrations in earlier weeks against the tabling of an amendment Bill to Hong Kong’s extradition law.

The Bill was first proposed by the Hong Kong government in February 2019 in response to a 2018 murder of a woman by her boyfriend while the Hong Kong couple was visiting Taiwan. Since Hong Kong has no extradition treaty with Taiwan, which is part of China, the Hong Kong boyfriend could not be sent to Taiwan to face the law.

The Bill, based on United Nations model used in the West, is meant to target fugitives suspected of one or more serious crimes. But it rules out targetting people based on political and religious grounds. In essence, the Bill is meant to prevent Hong Kong from becoming a sanctuary for fugitives and criminals.

However, anti-China activists have argued that this Bill will facilitate the sending of suspects to Beijing, whose law is harsher. They say it will destroy the Western rule of law and freedom now enjoyed by people in Hong Kong.

This wider interpretation has spread fear among ordinary residents, who are grappling with the high cost of living and housing in Hong Kong. The main objective of the Bill seems to have been overlooked completely.

Among the vocal protestors are pro-democracy activists, advocates of Hong Kong independence, China critics and dissidents, opposition politicians, and people who conduct shady commercial deals and crimes on the mainland. Also unhappy with this Bill, according to several YouTube narratives, are Taiwan and foreign governments with regional intelligence headquarters in Hong Kong who fear being rooted out from this centrally located “paradise” which gives them much needed “immunity”. Perhaps this is the reason why Western forces have been supportive of the protests.The upheaval has forced Lam to suspend tabling of the Bill.

On June 10, as protests were fast gathering momentum, the state-owned Global Times said in an editorial that, “Some international forces have increasingly collaborated with the opposition in Hong Kong…. Washington has been particularly active in meddling in Hong Kong affairs, and some radical opposition members in Hong Kong are (working) hand-in-glove with the US,” it said.Global Times reported that two opposition groups visited the US in March and May to notify the Americans about the amendment to the extradition law.

After these visits, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the Bill threatens the rule of law in Hong Kong. The British and Canadian governments also issued a joint statement disapproving of the Bill.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has, on several occasions, publicly warned foreign forces not to meddle in Hong Kong’s affairs.

The violence of the July 1 protests may have embarrassed Westerners who support Hong Kong demonstrators. But some attributed the violence to a lack of response from the government to opposition demands.

Despite widespread condemnation of the July 1 crimes, US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed that the Hong Kong protesters “have inspired the world” and their courage should not be ignored.

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt tweeted on Monday: “… want to stress UK support for Hong Kong and its freedoms is unwavering on this anniversary day. No violence is acceptable, but HK people must preserve their right to peaceful protest.”

The next day Hunt warned Beijing that the Sino-British Joint Declaration, signed in 1984 and setting out the terms for Hong Kong’s return to Chinese sovereignty, was “to be honoured … and if it isn’t there will be serious consequences”.

As stated in the Joint Declaration and under the “one country, two systems” principle, socialism practised in mainland China would not be extended to Hong Kong. Instead, Hong Kong would continue its capitalist system and way of life for 50 years after 1997.

In anger, China responded by lodging protests with Britain over Hunt’s warning.

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said Beijing had made “stern representations” over the comments, and accused Hunt of still harbouring “colonial illusions”.

“We called on the British, especially Hunt, to stop being overconfident and grossly interfering in Hong Kong affairs. This is doomed to fail,” Geng said.

Hong Kong became a British colony at the end of the First Opium War in 1842. Although it was returned to China in 1997, British and Western influence is still strong.

China’s state media reminded Hong Kong’s citizens of the disastrous consequences of past “revolutions” promoted in many countries by the West. When these countries were in turmoil and needed economic assistance, the Western countries shied away, various media said in their commentaries and editorials.

There were also reminders that the semi-autonomous territory’s destiny is tied to the mainland, and that Beijing has looked after the interest of Hong Kong well.

It is not known whether the arrest of people responsible for the July 1 riots will spark further major protests, but if Lam resigns and the situation gets out of control, Article 18 of Hong Kong’s Basic Law could be invoked to allow China’s military forces to take control, according to an analysis from the mainland.

Article 18 of the Basic Law reads: “In the event that the National People’s Congress decides to declare a state of war or, by reason of turmoil within Hong Kong that endangers national unity or security and is beyond the control of the government of the region, decides that Hong Kong is in a state of emergency, the Central Government may issue an order applying the relevant national laws in Hong Kong.”

“For those people demanding the resignation of Carrie Lam, you had better not allow her to quit, as her stepping down can be construed as Hong Kong being out of control,” says one YouTube commentator, Tey Kok Seng.

Another, Mei Han, says in a video: “Stop the ‘one country two systems’ principle immediately, take back Hong Kong now,” adding that she is organising an online petition that has collected more than 10,000 “support” clicks.

China has been patient with Hong Kong’s demands and protests, but it is also time for Hong Kong’s residents to respect the principle of “one country, two systems” that has brought prosperity and stability to the territory.

Source link 


During an interview Thursday, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt still refused to directly criticize the violent protesters who stormed and vandalized the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Instead, he superficially stated that the UK condemns “all violence” and warned China again. He did not elaborate on the “serious consequences” that he previously warned China that it may face, but said the UK is “keeping options open” over China.

Almost all analyses believe Hunt is putting on an air. Nobody believes the UK will send its only aircraft carrier to China’s coast. Nor would anyone believe the UK will punish Beijing at the cost of hurting trade with China. The UK has been dwarfed by China in military and trade. Hunt’s inappropriate statements make many British people nervous: Will Beijing cancel an order from the UK to warn British politicians?

If China-UK relations deteriorate, will expelling Chinese diplomats become a card for London? This was the way that the Theresa May government used to deal with Moscow when a former Russian spy was poisoned in the UK. BBC reporters asked Hunt about the possibility for expelling diplomats. But it seems more like these BBC reporters, who bully politicians for pleasure, were using the unreliable option to make things difficult for Hunt.

Launching a diplomatic war against China leads to nowhere. European countries will not stand by London on the Hong Kong issue. By worsening diplomatic relations with China, the UK will only isolate itself.

What’s important is that Beijing has done nothing wrong on the Hong Kong issue. It is obvious to all that China persists in the “one country, two systems” policy, and Hong Kong’s system is different from the mainland’s. The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, proposed by Hong Kong regional government, was a small cause of the unrest. It was politicized and magnified by opposition factions. The situation escalated according to the logic under Hong Kong’s system, not that of the mainland. But such storming and vandalizing is not acceptable under Hong Kong’s system or any system worldwide.

Instead of blaming violent protesters, Hunt directed his ire against Beijing, which is based on his selfish interests to win the election. Hunt wants to defeat Boris Johnson. In charge of diplomacy, Hunt believes the Hong Kong issue is a chance that dropped into his and the UK’s lap. But this is not the 19th century when the Opium War broke out. The UK has gone past its prime.

Hunt knew that Beijing would sniff at his threat of “serious consequences.” But he still said it because he needed to play in front of voters. This is political fraud. Hunt obviously believes that the British people can be manipulated like a flock of sheep.

But Hunt’s stunt has no good effect. Many British people are more worried whether Hunt’s words would lead to “serious consequences” from China. Purpose and ability should match in diplomatic strategy, but Hunt is obviously outwardly strong and inwardly weak. Even the British people think his performance is amusing.

In a few short years, one minute the UK calls its relations with China the “Golden Era,” and the next minute it warns China of “serious consequences.” Although these statements are from different administrations and politicians, the UK still shows inconsistency in policy. The country also swung from side to side on Brexit. The UK’s politics have become politicians’ coffers and plots. They are undermining the UK’s image.

Under such circumstances, we should not be too serious when dealing with the UK. Regardless of whether it shows a friendly or an opportunistic gesture, we should remind ourselves this will not be its first or last attitude toward China, and by saying that we mean it will be in a relatively short time, to be specific.

Source link 


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US hypocritical in accusing China of tech theft

Photo: IC




The US has no lack of a “criminal record” in terms of technology theft.


The US has repeatedly ignored China’s innovative breakthroughs through self-reliance and hard work but accuses China of “stealing” US technology and intellectual property rights. These arguments do not hold water.

These absurd accusations imply that the US must be the absolute leader in technological innovation – only the US is qualified to make major breakthroughs while others should merely follow its lead and import its technology, otherwise they are “stealing.” Such logic is ridiculous.

A country’s technological innovation capability is closely related to its scientific research resources, such as talents, capital, and scientific experimental devices. Leading scientific research resources have determined the US leading position in various science and technology fields. Nonetheless, economies including the EU, China, Japan, Russia and India have also mastered considerable scientific research resources and developed technological innovation capabilities with their own characteristics and advantages.

It is due to such relatively scattered distribution of global research resources that the US can never be an “all-round champion” of technological innovation. It is natural that other countries will catch up with the US in certain fields.

Historically, the US made a great fortune during WWII, and out-competed the Soviet Union in terms of comprehensive national strength during the Cold War. Even so, the US failed to gain absolute dominance over the Soviet Union in technological innovation.

As a major technological innovator keeping pace with the US, the Soviet Union set multiple world records in its golden age. The world’s first nuclear power plant, artificial earth satellite, manned spacecraft, space station and intercontinental missiles were all built by the Soviet Union. As far as weapons and equipment are concerned, both the Soviet Union and the US had something in which they excelled. Even now, Russia, the successor state to the Soviet Union, surpasses the US in some respects.

The US made its first nuclear power plant, artificial satellite, manned spacecraft, and intercontinental missiles after the Soviet Union’s success. Based on its current logic, should these US cutting-edge technologies be regarded as something stolen from the Soviet Union?

There are more examples. China led the US in the processing power of supercomputers for many years. In June 2018, the US retook the world’s lead thanks to its machine “Summit” which could process 200,000 trillion calculations per second. By following US logic, should we say the US surpassed China by stealing China’s supercomputing technology?

Some have already noted that the US is actually the guilty party that files the suit first. The country has no lack of a “criminal record” in terms of technology theft. In the first decades after its founding, the US tried hard to “steal” advanced industrial technology from the UK to develop its own industries.

During WWII, prior to Germany’s surrender, the US established the Alsos Mission. The team was sent to Germany not to fight, but to capture top German scientists and their technologies ahead of the Soviet Union. It is said that Wernher von Braun, one of the founders of the US space program, was a leading figure in Nazi Germany’s rocket development program.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, the US took the opportunity to obtain advanced military technology that the Soviet Union had accumulated for years and to lure away many top technical talents.

After that, plenty of US weapons benefited from the Soviet Union’s technology to varying degrees, which saved the US time and money. The US technology theft from the Soviet Union has produced generous returns.

However, the US is not ashamed of such records. Many Hollywood blockbusters have molded American spies conducting such theft into the embodiment of justice, and molded theft into a just act. Perhaps it is precisely because of this that the US is now judging others by itself.

In recent years, China has continued to increase investment in science and technology. In 2018, the country’s research and development funds amounted to nearly 2 trillion yuan ($290 billion), second only to the US. The efforts will naturally pay off.

Nevertheless, the US deliberately turned a blind eye to China’s efforts to promote independent innovation and contain China’s development. The past actions and current absurd logic of the US are being seen through.

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Innovation is a driving force within China’s economy today. Yet behind that innovation, what’s the role of research and development?


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Crime and cost of living are top concerns for Malaysians – Ipsos Global Research

Global market and opinion research spec

PETALING JAYA: Corruption is no longer the top concern for Malay­sians as crime and the cost of living have taken over as more pressing issues, says an independent market research firm.

Ipsos Sdn Bhd, in its What Worries The World survey, found that the top five concerns of Mal­aysians this year were crime and violence (39%), inflation and the cost of living (34%), corruption (32%), poverty and equality (31%) and unemployment and jobs (28%).

The survey noted that corruption, which was ranked as a top concern among those in the central region, non-bumiputras and those with a household income of more than RM5,000, had fallen to third place due to significant measures made by the government to address the issue.

Inflation is the “biggest concern” of urban Malay­sians, particularly youths and those in the low household income bracket.

“Corruption has dropped significantly by 15%. Now, only 32% feel that corruption is their main concern.“For crime and violence, it is only the positioning but it has remained the same between what it was now and before,” Ipsos managing director Arun Menon (pic) said during a press conference yesterday.

Founded in France, Ipsos is a global research group with offices in 89 countries delivering insights across various specialisations.

Among other studies Ipsos has conducted in Malaysia are the What Worries Malaysia: Post-GE 2018 survey in August 2018.

It had tracked the sentiments of Malaysians bef­ore and after GE14, as well as 100 days following the change of government.

The What Worries The World survey is Ipsos’ international monthly poll of 20,000 adults under the age of 65 in 28 countries, including Malaysia.

A total of 1,500 Malaysians were asked about their perception of what worried the nation the most.

The survey also found that Malaysians believed the country was headed in the wrong direction, with the figures increasing from 25% in June last year to 43% in March this year.

“Between March and last month, the people who are most upset about the country’s direction were the younger generation across different incomes, specifically people of the middle and upper education,” Menon said.

The survey also noted that the perception of the country heading in the wrong direction was gaining mom­entum and that Malaysia was getting closer to the global average.

The poll said the global average of people who thought their country is on the wrong track was at 58%.
What Worries the World – March 2019

New global poll finds four concerns top the world’s worry list: financial/political corruption, poverty/social inequality, unemployment, crime/violence. Meanwhile, in most countries surveyed (22 of 28) the majority think that their nation is on the wrong track.

The Ipsos What Worries the World study finds the majority of people across the participating 28 nations feel their country is on the wrong track (58% on average), with South Africa (77%), France (77%), Spain (76%), Turkey (74%) and Belgium (74%) recording the greatest levels of apprehension. There are, however, wide-ranging disparities in scores across the globe.

“What Worries the World” is a monthly online survey of adults aged under 65 in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Britain, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Poland, Peru, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United States.

Right Direction

    • China (94%) inspires the most confidence about its national direction. More than 9 in 10 Chinese citizens say that China is moving in the right direction.
    • Saudi Arabia (84%) is once more in second place followed by India (73%) and Malaysia (57%).
    • India and Sweden are the are nations with the greatest month on month increase in positive sentiment of all 28 countries, with both reporting an 8-point increase in those seeing the nations as heading in the right direction.
  •         Notable rises in citizens considering their country as headed in the right    direction are also seen in China (94%) and Hungary (28%) – both reporting a 6-point increase.

Wrong Track

    • At the other end of the spectrum, South African, French, Spanish, Turkish and Belgian nationals have the greatest apprehension about the direction taken by their country. Just 23% of South African and French citizens consider their nations to be heading in the right direction, followed by 24% in Spain and 26% in both Turkey and Belgium.
  •          Mexico (56%) has seen the biggest fall in optimism— with a reduction of 12% from a positive sentiment spike reported last month (68%).There are also 6-point falls in both Italy and Canada.

The four major worries for global citizens are:

  1. Financial/ Political corruption (34%). South Africa (69%) has the most citizens apprehensive about this issue, followed by on Peru 63% and Hungary on 60%. Canadians (30%) have the greatest month on month increase in this concern, with a rise of 11 percentage points. Germans (9%) are the least worried citizens along with Great Britain (14%) and Sweden (15%).
  2. Poverty/Social Inequality (34%). The greatest levels of anxiety are held in Russia (58%), Hungary (56%) and Serbia (54%). Sweden (19%) and Saudi Arabia (20%) are the least concerned nations in this area followed by the US (21%). In terms of trend, we observe a strong 8-point increase in concern in this area in Hungary.
  3. Unemployment (33%). The highest levels of worry are seen in Italy (69%), South Korea (66%) and Spain (61%). Turkish citizens (+7%) and Argentinians (+6%) are the nations which have recorded the greatest month on month increase in this issue. The US public and Germans (11%) are the least concerned, followed by citizens in Great Britain (14%) Sweden (15%) and Poland (15).
  4. Crime & Violence (31%), The highest levels of worry in this issue are seen in Mexico (64%) – closely followed by Peru (62%) and Chile (59%). China (22%) records the largest increase in anxiety with an increase of 11 percentage points from the previous month. There are other increases in Chile (+9), Malaysia (+9) and Turkey (+7). Concerns around crime are lowest in Russia and Hungary (8%), and Poland (11%). The greatest falls in this issue come from Poland (-10) and Serbia (-9).

Top five global issues

  1. Financial/ Political corruption (34%)
  2. Poverty/Social Inequality (34%)
  3. Unemployment (33%)
  4. Crime & Violence (31%)
  5. Healthcare (24%)

The survey was conducted in 28 countries around the world via the Ipsos Online Panel system. The 28 countries included are Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, France, Great Britain, Germany, Hungary, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Peru, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United States of America. 20,019 interviews were conducted between February 22nd, 2019 – March 8th, 2019 among adults aged 18-64 in Canada, Israel and the US, and adults aged 16-64 in all other countries. Data are weighted to match the profile of the population.


What Worries the World – March 2019


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Clean up the graft and power abuse at Human Resource Training & Development provider HRDF

Scandal-hit: The clean-up at HRDF appears to be far from over.


Questions over HRDF Bangsar South property

PETALING JAYA: The clean-up at scandal-hit Human Resources Deve­lopment Fund (HRDF) appears to be far from over.

In fact, to add to its woes, details have recently emerged about the possible mishandling of a multi-million ringgit property acquisition.

The HRDF management has made police reports claiming there was misconduct or abuse of power in the purchase of part of a building in Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur, four years ago, because it was done without the knowledge of the board of directors and the investment panel.

HRDF bought six floors of a “landmark skyscraper” for RM154mil, including goods and services tax (GST). It has been alleged that some RM40mil was paid even before the issuance of the tax invoice.

But the bigger issue, according to sources, was that the HRDF’s board of directors had actually approved the purchase of a different piece of property – another building, also in Bangsar South, for RM141mil before GST.

It was learnt that the investment panel was only informed of the switch five months after the first tranche of RM15.4mil had been paid.

The sources confirmed that the HRDF has gone to the police and investigations are underway.

An agency under the Human Resources Ministry, the HRDF manages a fund comprising contributions from employers for the purpose of training and development.

In November last year, minister M. Kulasegaran said staff and management personnel were running HRDF as if it was their own company and that the management had in some instances exceeded authority and approved projects beyond its approval limits.

This latest accusation regarding the Bangsar South purchase reflects the same governance problems.

“The board was also informed that the minister (at that time) approved the change of the property to be acquired,” said a source. “The sale and purchase agreement was signed by the chief executive officer prior to the approval of the investment panel and the board.”

The first RM40mil of the purchase price was paid in eight tranches.

The source said under the Pem­bangunan Sumber Manusia Bhd Act 2001, the minister could only direct the board on matters and was not empowered to approve or consent to entering into agreements.

The remaining RM114mil was paid after the signing of the agreement. The six floors of the Bangsar South building were handed over to the HRDF in March 2017.

Documents sighted by The Star showed that the investment panel voiced its intention to invest in property in a meeting at the end of 2014.

In February 2015, the board of directors approved a proposal to set up a reserve fund and an allocation of RM250mil.

It was stated by the CEO then that the property would be for HRDF’s use.

Another approval came two months later for the RM141mil property.

In May that year, the first payment of RM15.4mil was made, but for the property that cost RM154mil. This was also when the agreement was inked, said the sources.

Five months after receiving the keys in 2017, the investment panel decided to rent out the office floors. The board agreed with this move.

In May last year, the HRDF began paying service charges of RM66,670 per month for its Bangsar South property. Only one floor out the six has been rented out, giving a monthly income of RM115,168.

Surprisingly, the board of directors agreed in March last year to purchase two additional floors in the same building to be used as HRDF’s office.

Kulasegaran had previously said that high-ranking staff of the HRDF misappropriated about RM100mil, around a third of the fund’s RM300mil coffers.

He also said certain management staff members were overpaid with high salaries and bonuses and there was collusion between managerial staff and external parties to award contracts.

When contacted about the Bangsar South acquisition, former HRDF CEO Datuk C.M. Vignaesvaran Jeyandran said the board of directors had given approval before any property was bought.

On the claims that the property purchased was not the one which the board had approved originally, he clarified that it was part of a better building by the same developer and was adjacent to the first building.

“Everything was done according to the appropriate procedures, that’s for sure. There’s no such thing as buying before getting board approval.

“It went through our legal adviser, the investment committee and the audit committee. When we bought the six floors in the other building from the same developer, we also went back to the board and rectified it,” he said.

Asked on the purpose of the acquisition, Vignaesvaran said when he stepped down on June 21 last year, it was still an ongoing discussion at the board level whether the property was to be used as HRDF’s office or for investment purposes.

Bukit Aman Commercial Crimes Investigation Department acting director Deputy Comm Datuk Saiful Azly Kamaruddin said the department received two reports on this matter.

“We have since referred the case to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as it is under their purview,” he said.

At the time of the Bangsar South property purchase, the HRDF chairman was Datuk Dr Abdul Razak Abdul, who also chaired the investment panel.

Datuk Seri Richard Riot was the then human resources minister.

By royce tan The Star

Panel set up for HRDF clean-up


Datuk Noor Farida Mohd Ariffin

The Human Resources Development Fund is to undergo a complete overhaul. A committee has been set up to ensure the fund is rid of weaknesses and misuse of power among senior staff members as well as a promise by its new chairman to personally deal with allegations of graft.

The HRDF will also have the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Com­mission seconding one of its officers to the organisation.

Its chairman Datuk Noor Farida Mohd Ariffin said this was so that the MACC could establish the proper rules and regulations in the HRDF governance’s clean-up.

“HRDF has sought and received the support of the MACC in implementing rules, regulations and procedures to prevent any further misuse or abuse of employers’ money.

“MACC has agreed to second one of its officers to HRDF to beef up the unit and to expedite this process,” she said in a statement to The Star yesterday.

Last month, the HRDF set up an ad hoc Compliance and Governance Unit to implement the recommendations made by the Governance Oversight Committee (GOC) for the HRDF and to assist in investigations by various law enforcement agencies, said Noor Farida.

This came about after Human Resources Minister M. Kulasegaran formed the five-member GOC in June 2018 to review and investigate allegations that RM100mil had been misappropriated under the previous HRDF’s administration.

Key findings and recommendations by the GOC were finalised and published publicly on the HRDF website, said Noor Farida, who was appointed as its chairman on Jan 1 by Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Top on the list of GOC recommendations was to stop the segregation of 30% of employers’ human resources development levy towards the Consolidated (Pool) Fund, which was set aside for special projects.

“This was made effective from Nov 1, 2018. No funds have since been allocated or spent on special projects,” she said.

Noor Farida noted that the move was not received well by certain quarters, including training providers, training institutions and trainers, who claimed that their incomes were affected.

The human capital development agency faced heavy public scrutiny following reports of alleged wrongdoings that had taken place under the previous administration.

In November last year, Kulasegaran revealed that high-ranking staff members of HRDF misappropriated about RM100mil out of the RM300mil that was in the fund.

He also highlighted several wrongdoings such as abuse of power, criminal breach of trust and arriving at decisions without reporting to the board of directors.

The Star, in an exclusive report on Jan 9, also highlighted the purchase of a RM154mil property in Bangsar South, also conducted without the approval of the directors and investment panel.

The new HRDF management lodged two police reports. The police have since referred the cases to the MACC.

Meanwhile, it was reported by an online portal that police would be questioning former HRDF chief executive officer Datuk C.M. Vignaesvaran Jeyandran over the “missing” RM100mil.

“On behalf of the HRDF board of directors, I want to reiterate that the board is fully supportive of the actions being taken against the wrongdoers by the HRDF,” said Noor Farida.

She said she would look into these allegations personally and urged those with any complaints or allegations to email her directly at anoorfarida@hrdf.com.my by Jan 31 so that she could initiate an independent investigation.

“If any further information is forthcoming from time to time, it will certainly be investigated,” she added.

The findings would also be published over the HRDF website, said Noor Farida.

By clarissa chung and fatimah zainal The Star


Report: HRDF possibly mishandled multi-million buy by swapping …



Kula: 30% contribution by employers to HRDF to stop from Nov 15 


HRDF chief Vignaesvaran resigns amidst allegations – Nation

HRDF chief Vignaesvaran resigns amidst allegations – Nation

Ex-CEO: No comment on HRDF scandal – Nation


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UMNO President Zahid hit with 45 charges of CBT, money laundering and graft

KUALA LUMPUR: Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has been slapped with 45 charges at the Sessions Court here under the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission Act and the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act.

The Umno president faces 27 counts under the Anti-Money Laundering, Anti-Terrorism Financing and Proceeds of Unlawful Activities Act, 10 counts for committing breach of trust under Section 409 of the Penal Code and 8 counts of receiving bribe under Section 16 (a)(b) of MACC Act 2009.

The 27 charges under Amla involve RM72,063,618.15 , while the 10 CBT charges involve RM20,833,132.99 and the eight charges of corruption RM21,250,000.

He pleaded not guilty to all 45 charges.

Sessions Court judge Azura Alwi set bail at RM2mil to be paid in two instalments on Friday (Oct 19)

The court ordered RM1mil to be paid on Friday (Oct 19) and the balance before or on Oct 26.

The mention date has been fixed on Dec 14.

On Thursday, investigators arrested the 65-year-old former deputy president at 3.15pm.

Dr Ahmad Zahid was investigated over allegations of misappropriation of funds belonging to Yayasan Akal Budi, of which he is the chairman.

He is said to have used RM800,000 of the foundation’s money to settle his credit card bills. – The Star

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Najib’s wife Rosmah says she is okay after 13 hours long grilled by anti corruption agency over 1MDB



When asked for comment, she said: “I’m okay. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God).”

Wife of ex-PM questioned by MACC for 13 hours over 1MDB

While MACC investigators question Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor at length, believed to be over the 1MDB saga, a Dubai-based firm wants RM20.69 mil in bling back. The royal jeweller claims that he could bring his exquisite masterpieces to the ex-premier’s wife without having to go through Customs – thanks to officers from the PM’s Department. PUTRAJAYA: It proved to be a long, gruelling day for Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor as anti-graft officers interrogated her for 13 hours.

She entered the Malaysian AntiCorruption Commission (MACC) headquarters here at 9.50am yesterday.

Speculation was rife that the wife of former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak would be held overnight and charged today.

But at 10.40pm last night, Rosmah emerged from the MACC headquarters. Although she looked exhausted, the 66-year-old afforded a meek smile to waiting journalists outside the building.

When asked for comment, she said: “I’m okay. Alhamdulillah (Praise be to God).”

Her lawyers Datuk K. Kumaraendran and Datuk Geethan Ram Vincent said Rosmah would not be returning for further questioning.

“Datin Seri Rosmah has finished giving her statement. I will not comment further,” said Kumaraendran.

On June 5, Rosmah was questioned for about five hours by MACC investigators over a probe into SRC International Sdn Bhd, a former 1Malaysia Development Bhd (1MDB) subsidiary.

The latest interrogation is believed to evolve around the 1MDB scandal.

Rosmah looked calm when she alighted from a Proton Perdana and walked past a horde of journalists who converged outside the MACC building earlier in the morning.

Her attire and accessories were the centre of attention, as she had colour coordinated her green baju kurung and tudung with a Loewe designer handbag and wedge shoes.

The last time out, she wore a blue baju kurung and red tudung, with her bright red Versace handbag drawing the most stares.

Throughout the day, her lawyers were seen coming in and out of the MACC building at least three times.

As is the practice, lawyers are usually not allowed in the interrogation room. Both spoke of their long wait as journalists tried to find out from them how long the questioning would take.

This was the second time Rosmah had been questioned by the MACC.

Last Thursday, Najib was slapped with 25 fresh corruption and money-laundering charges. He was granted bail of RM3.5mil with two sureties in his latest court case.

Investigators have not ruled out that Najib as well as other individuals could be faced with even more charges related to the 1MDB case. – The Star

Goldman Sachs banker’s obscene commissions netted 11% from 1MDB believed to be most compelling evidence of rogue behaviour

Jho Low Has Offered A Deal To The DOJ


Settling the civil action would free up prosecutors to pursue the Goldman bond issued on behalf of 1MDB, which netted the bank suspiciously obsence commissions of up to 11% –  Sarawak Report

Sarawak Report has learnt that Jho Low’s new legal team, headed by the well-connected former federal prosecutor and New Jersey governor Chris Christie, has already obtained a high-level meeting with officials of the DOJ and that at that meeting they offered to come to a settlement on behalf of the fugitive Malaysian advisor to 1MDB.

This would represent an effective acknowledgement by Low, who is currently believed to be holed up in China, that he is unlikely to be able to persuade the US courts to return some $1.2 billion in assets seized from him alone, which investigators have traced to money stolen from Malaysia’s development fund.

However, by cutting a deal the billionaire, who is facing criminal charges in Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland and elsewhere, including the United States, will be hoping to retain some of the value of the assets.
Malaysia Kept On Sidelines?

Malaysian entities have expressed concern that the United States authorities may be tempted to negotiate with Jho Low’s new, high-powered legal team, in order to close a case that could otherwise carry on for years. Notably, the US recently refused to grant a Malaysian official request for a guarantee it would return all the money back from the assets seized.

“It doesn’t mean that the United States will not return the money to Malaysia, but it does mean the US is insisting on keeping control over the process and that might include settling the case for less than the entire amount”

one person who is well versed in the matter explained to Sarawak Report. It is further understood that the approach from Jho Low’s team has not yet been formally discussed with the Malaysian authorities, who may very well react with dismay at the prospect of any settlement of this nature.

Particularly galling to Malaysians is the likelihood that Low’s new and well-connected legal advisors are being generously paid by money that was itself stolen from 1MDB. US investigators have been reported as concluding that the origin of the cash received by Christie and one of President Donald Trump’s go-to law firms, Kasowitz Benson Torres, is indeed 1MDB.

Likewise, the money sent to pay the libel lawyers Schillings in the UK, which has been doing its best to disrupt the publising othe the book The Sarawak Report as well as the Wall Street Journal’s own book in Britain, is also thought to trace back to 1MDB.
Going For Goldman Sachs

The apparent willingness of US prosecutors to discuss such matters with Low’s new team and the news that they may indeed be tempted to reach a deal, may indicate that the DOJ sleuths are already focusing on other aspects of the case, informed observers have told Sarawak Report: namely the pursuit of the banking giant Goldman Sachs. Settling the civil action would free up prosecutors to pursue the Goldman bond issues on behalf of 1MDB, which netted the bank suspiciously obscene commissions of up to 11%.

The bank has earned the anger and ill-feeling of countless Americans as a result of its pivotal role in causing the crash of 2008 and yet none of its bankers have been brought to book so far. The apparent negligence and huge sums earned through 1MDB have provided US investigators their most compelling evidence yet against what many believe to be rogue behaviour by the major bank.

It was Sarawak Report that first exposed the huge commissions being earned by Goldman Sachs from 1MDB in 2013, by publishing the terms of two so-called power purchase bonds, which together with a later third offering netted commissions totalling just under $600 million for the bank. The market price for such services was a fraction of that amount.

The former South East Asia boss, Tim Leissner has already been picked up in the United States and is understood to be cooperating with the DOJ enquiries. A new case against the global bank is where 1MDB now seems headed as it gains even more international significance.


Report: Jho Low Seeking Deal with DoJ — The True Net


Jho Low planning to negotiate deal with DOJ – Nation | The Star Online

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