China in the Asian century, Is the future truly Asian?

As China continues to develop, so does its global influence. What would the future be like for South-East Asia with a ‘risen China’?

Rising together: No, Chinese imperialism is not simply replacing US imperialism, as China emphasises win-win partnerships, says Prof Zhang. — Handout


China in the Asian century

PROF Zhang Weiwei is among the most respected scholars in China today. He is a leading expert on China’s “reform and opening up” policies and its status as a “civilisational state.”

As director of the China Institute at Shanghai’s elite Fudan University, he is also professor of International Relations and had served as English interpreter for China’s Paramount Leader Deng Xiaoping. In an exclusive interview earlier in the week, Prof Zhang spoke to Sunday Star about future prospects with China.

As the leading authority on China’s civilisational state, how would you define it, as distinct from a nation state?

With China, it’s a combination of the world’s longest continuous civilisation and a super-large modern state. A civilisational state is made up of hundreds of states amalgamated into one large state.

China is a modern state respecting international law like a nation state, but culturally diverse, with sovereignty and territorial integrity.

There are four features of China’s civilisational state: a super-large population of 1.4 billion people, a continent-size territory, significant culture, and a long history.

If we are returning to an East Asian tributary system, what changes can we expect in China’s policies in this region today?

The tributary system is a Western name for China’s relations in this region (in the past). China is a “civilisational” – as an adjective – state, a modern amalgamation of many (component communities).

During the Ming Dynasty, China was a world power – but as a civilizational state more than a nation state – and did not seek to colonize other countries, unlike Western powers that were nation states. Since then, China’s status and capacity as a nation state has grown significantly. Will it then become more like Western powers now?
China today is a nation state, but different from European (nation) states. It is also still a civilisational state.

The Chinese people are not just Han, although the Han majority is 92%. There are 56 ethnic groups in China, (mostly) minorities.

But China rejected the Permanent Court of Arbitration’s ruling on the South China Sea, initiated by the Philippines, which found China’s claims insupportable.

The tribunal was illegal; it had no right to make such decisions. The Permanent Court of Arbitration is not part of the United Nations.

How can countries in South-East Asia be convinced that the rise of China will not simply result in Chinese imperialism replacing US imperialism?

China emphasises win-win partnerships, such as in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). It encourages discovering, building, and benefiting together.

Countries in South-East Asia join the BRI out of their own interest. It is not something imposed by China.

Some countries have described the Second Belt and Road Summit this year as being more consultative than the first. As for the future?

The future Belt and Road Summits will be even more open and consultative.

Is the current US-China trade dispute only a symptom of much larger differences, such as a historic divide in the reshaping of a new global order?

It is more than about trade. With the United States especially, it is zero-sum, but for China it is win-win.

The Chinese economy is larger than the US economy, or soon will be. (In PPP or purchasing power parity terms, China’s economy grew larger than the US economy in 2014.)

The United States is trying to decouple its economy from China’s. How can China ensure that it would not only withstand these efforts but also triumph?

The attempt to decouple the two economies will fail. About 85% of US companies that are already in China want to stay.

Looking at the trade structure, most Chinese exports to the US are irreplaceable. No other place in the world gives a better price-quality ratio in manufactured goods.

So the US cannot win in this decoupling because there are no alternatives (as desirable producing countries). China has the world’s largest chain or network, or factory clusters, for all kinds of goods.

How likely do you see a hot war – more than a trade war or a cold war – breaking out between a rising China and what is perceived to be a declining United States?

The US knows that it won’t win (a hot war). No two nuclear-armed countries will go to war. It would be very messy.

So far no two nuclear-armed countries have fought. There may be a small likelihood of direct confrontation, but not a war situation.

No commercial shipping has been interrupted by China. So the US need not worry.

Can Asean, or an Asean country like Malaysia, help to bring the United States and China closer together as partners rather than as rivals?

Possibly. Malaysia perhaps can help, as it is friendly to both China and the US.

As China continues in its rise, what steps is it taking to provide for more cooperative and consultative relations in this region?

Trade between China and Asean countries, for example, has grown, and has now exceeded China-US trade.

Generally, China’s relations with Asean countries are quite promising, with Free Trade Area relationships as well.

By Bunn Nagara, who is Senior Fellow at the Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia.

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Poised for growth: Shipping containers sit stacked next to gantry cranes at the Yantian International Container Terminals in Shenzhen, China. — Bloomberg


Is the future truly Asian?

The Region, while growing fast, faces issues such as youth joblessness, climate change and income gaps

THIS is a question that is at the heart of the tensions across the Pacific.

To Parag Khanna, author of The Future Is Asian (2019), the answer is almost self-evident.

However, if you read his book carefully, you will find that he thinks global power will be shared between Asian and Western civilisations

For the West, the rise of Asia has been frighteningly fast, because as late as 1960, most of Asia was poor, agricultural and rural, with an average income per capita of less than US$1,000 in 2010 prices.

But 50 years on, Asia has become more urban and industrialised, and is becoming a challenge to the West in terms of trade, income and innovation.

Global management consulting firm McKinsey has just published a study on “The Future is Asian” that highlights many aspects why Asia is both attractive to businessmen and yet feared as a competitor.

Conventionally, excluding the Middle East and Iran, Asia is divided into North-East Asia (China, Japan and South Korea), South-East Asia (mostly Asean), South Asia (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) and Central Asia.

But McKinsey has identified at least four Asias that are quite complementary to each other.

First, there is Advanced Asia, comprising Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Singapore, each with per capita incomes exceeding US$30,000 (RM125,600), highly urbanised and rich, with a combined GDP that is 10% of global GDP.

This group provides technology, capital and markets for the rest of Asia, but it is ageing fast.

Second, China is the world’s largest trading economy, second largest in GDP after the United States, and a growing consumer powerhouse. By 2030, the Chinese consumer market will be equal to Western Europe and the United States combined.

China is also an increasing capital provider to the rest of the world.

Third, the 11 countries of Emerging Asia (Asean plus Bhutan and Nepal, excluding Singapore) have young populations, fast growth and cultural diversity.

Fourth, Frontier Asia and India – covering essentially South and Central Asia including Afghanistan – which have 1.8 billion in population, still rural but young.

Taken together, these four Asias today account for one-third of global GDP and 40% of the world’s middle class.

But what is remarkable is that while the region grew from trading with the rest of the world, intra-regional trade has grown faster, to 60% of total trade, with intra-regional foreign direct investment (FDI) at 66% of total inward FDI, and 74% of air traffic.

Much of Asian growth will come from rapid urbanisation, amid growing connectivity with each other. The top 20 cities in Asia will be mega conglomerates that are among the largest cities in the world with the fastest-growing income.

A major finding is that America First-style protectionism is helping to intensify the localisation and regionalisation of intra-regional connectivity in terms of trade, finance, knowledge and cultural networks.

Furthermore, the traditional savings surpluses in Asia basically went to London and New York and were recycled back in terms of foreign direct investment and portfolio flows.

But no longer.

Increasingly, Asian financial centres are emerging to compete to re-pump surplus capital from Advanced Asia and China to fund the growth in Emerging and Frontier Asia.

In short, intra-regional finance is following intra-regional trade.

In a multipolar world, no one wants to be completely dependent on any single player but prefers network connectivity to other cities and centres of activity and creativity.

As Khanna puts it: “The phrase ‘China-led Asia’ is thus no more acceptable to most Asians than the notion of a ‘US-led West’ is to Europeans.”

But are such rosy growth prospects in Asia predestined or ordained?

Based on the trajectory of demographic growth of half the world’s young population moving into middle income, the logical answer appears to be yes.

But there are at least three major bumps in that trajectory.

First, Asia, like the rest of the world, is highly vulnerable to global warming.

Large populations with faster growth mean more energy consumption, carbon emissions and natural resource degradation. Large chunks of Asia will be vulnerable to more water, food and energy stresses, as well as natural disasters (rising seas, forest fires, pandemics, typhoons, etc).

Second, even though more Asians have been lifted out of poverty, domestic inequality of income and wealth has increased in the last 20 years.

Part of this is caused by rural-urban disparities, and widening gaps in high-value knowledge and skills. Without adequate social safety nets, healthcare and social security, dissatisfaction over youth unemployment, access to housing, and deafness to problems by bureaucracies has erupted in protests everywhere.

Third, geopolitical rivalry has meant that there will be tensions between diverse Asia over territorial, cultural and religious differences that can rapidly escalate into conflict. The region is beginning to spend more on armaments and defence instead of focusing on alleviating poverty and addressing the common threat of climate change.

Two generational leaders from the West have approached these threats from very different angles.

Addressing the United Nations, 16-year-old Swedish schoolgirl Greta Thunberg dramatically shamed the older generation for its lack of action on climate change.

“People are suffering. People are dying. Entire ecosystems are collapsing. We are at the beginning of a mass extinction and all you can talk about is money and fairy tales of eternal economic growth. How dare you, ” she said.

The young are idealistically appealing for unity in action against a common fate.

In contrast, addressing the UN Security Council, US President Donald Trump was arguing the case for patriotism as a solution to global issues. Climate change was not mentioned at all.

Since the older generation created most of the carbon emissions in the first place, no wonder the young are asking why they are inheriting all the problems that the old deny.

This then is the difference in passion between generations.

Globalisation occurred because of increasing flows of trade, finance, data and people. That is not stoppable by patriot-protected borders.

A multipolar Asia within a multipolar world means that even America First, however strong, will have to work with everyone, despite differences in worldviews.

All patriots will have to remember that it is the richness of diversity that keeps the world in balance.

The writer ANDREW SHENG is a distinguished fellow with the Asia Global Institute at the University of Hong Kong. This article is part of the Asian Editors Circle series, a weekly commentary by editors from the Asia News Network, an alliance of 24 news media titles across the region.

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Wow! Thanks for the exposing! We should spread this video clip worldwide. Overthrowing regime becoming an evil industry… 👎


lol at how the Trots are involved in this NED imperialism


Keep exposing these blood sucking vampires, keep doing the great work you do. Very illuminating video, lots of things to talk about this evening that’s for sure. Btw, I just subscribed.


love you Max…thanks bro.


I wonder how many christian fundamentalists there are in the n.e.d. ?




You guys do a phenomenal job here at the Grayzone. Just about every video I’ve watched has been fantastic. However, I would quibble about a couple things on this one, largely on strategic grounds. I don’t think it’s a good look to, at the beginning of this video, refer to the NED as a “taxpayer-funded organization…that aims to topple socialist governments” and then spend much of the rest of the video documenting the NED’s efforts to undermine the governments of North Korea and Nicaragua. It seems to imply that the current North Korean and Nicaraguan regimes are socialist, when in fact they are nothing of the sort, unless one strains the definition of “socialist” so much that the term becomes meaningless. Both regimes are enemies of the left and any kind of genuine socialism. I suspect you would agree with this assessment, but I think it would help enormously if you stated this fact up front in order to defend your work against disingenuous attack dogs. I want to stress that I have no problem with the substance of what’s presented here, most of which is excellent, but when putting together these pieces, it’s important to take measures to protect yourself from mainstream mudslinging, which I’m sure will become more and more often as you guys gain popularity. Keep up the good work!


…”but… but there’s only one channel on tv… and no internet”… Good god child… you’ve no idea how fortunate that is… “but North Korea is such a horrible country” …zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..


When you defect from your socialist country and can’t find a job in the US the NED might be a great place to look. Outstanding report Max. Just be ready for the inevitable lay-off and a new role as human furniture for corporate business.


It is prudent to consider American info as tainted. America needs a USSR, they can use it to frighten their taxpayers. Weather Communism is good or bad depends on how life was, before. Most countries become communist after a period of extreme poverty, and extreme injustice. Russia, China, Cuba, Vietnam …. and more. Think about all of these countries prior to becoming Communist / Socialist.


Really sad! They could go to and find some scum willing to work against their own citizens. This Venezuela for years.


That is what’s happened in Macedonia as well and they are working there with years, they corrupted politicians professors people of every segment of the society, media and everything with one purpose to make a fake picture, people to be brainwashed so many things in the country to be changed in their own interest even if that means change of the legal elected government which is happened 2016 in Macedonia with obvious influence of the American ambassador in judicial and legal matters.Now the new government is doing everything what they said they’re not going to do before the elections now they have opened new TV station under control and plus most of the old one’s. Many people of the American administration are involved including SOROS open society


Thank you! I look forward to more. This is the best in journalism. Bless you all.


the most convincing argument for Max’s story is that there is no way he could be making this shit up. Which says volumes about those individuals who believe it. Thank you Max, would that it would penetrate the thick fog of western imperialist propaganda


Fantastic as always max.


Running from the hard questions because they don’t have answers. Thanks Max.


all that money for lying . wow, what a bunch of scumbags !!!!


Seeing this video for the first time. All the usual suspects are involved: Thor Halversson and his ‘Freedom forum’, which Jimmy Dore exposed last year (that’s when I first heard of them); Bari Weiss, who was exposed by Joe Rogan earlier this year when she tried to smear Tulsi. Thanks to excellent reporting like this, I don’t take any testimony by anyone on matters of war and peace and human rights on face value anymore. I have started to always research who is behind these stories, who pays them, where does funding come from etc. Thanks for making me aware of this!


Our government is elected by the people, the best political system in the world and you must have it. We’ll help you get it but first you must do everything we say. We’re not interested in controlling you because our aim is the world. Oh yes, we’re NOT authoritarian so you can trust us!!! SURE America!!!


I believe Operation Mockingbird is alive and well.


National Endowment for Democracy, Orwell would love that one. “one cornal of cob..” Pelosi once again executing the English language.


NED is also behind the end of yugoslavia. He knows about him – that sounded menacing.




Nancy P. Has not seen real tragic and staggering poverty yet, till she comes down to ground zero of Vancouver BC’s East Hastings Street, there she will witness eye-burning and heart-wrenching poverty caused by the city/province. Seems everyone wants to cash in on politics and made up suffering tales. Nice.


$890,000 for defector stories offered by South Korea


they just want MONEY!


For 860 000 dollars I could tell you some bad stories about my country involving mass killings tanks torture and shooting people.


I dont mind if usa infiltrate into north korea. But china? Through hong kong


I got help from lutherangrants/org .They sent me over $55,000 from their grant schemes.


Leaves me speechless….I feel I hate to be lied at.


Leaves me speechless….I feel I hate to be lied at.


Criminal trash, zionest puppets! Thank you for exposing these creatures and their lies


Well if anyone knows about brainwashing, it’s Pelosi!


Wait. Democracy exists?


The NED also sponsored propaganda about the DRCongo. Nobody talks much about that country where the worst postWWII atrocities happen.


free lunch is usually costly… the price of this particular free lunch is your soul and always be ready to be dumped like a piece of toilet paper when you are no more needed! never sell your soul to nobody – not demon, not god, not rich, not poor. souls ain’t for sale. lunches ain’t for free.


Where is the Congressional oversight? What is this costing?


Performing biological experiments on live people? Google Dr. Corneius P Rhoads and the death of Pedro Albizu Campos in Puerto Rico…


16:00 not that rare. Can find testemonies some of whom have been silenced.


dude how you still alive ? lol


Do not like the WORD GESTAPO… NAZI…. But this is What we had in our History In my Granfather Time… In Alsace-Lorraine…. Part of France Now… So,,,, SO called Free Democracy USA.. Is Doing ,,, Exactly the Same.. These People look like …. SALUTATIONS


These people need to leave governments around the world alone.


i c a lot of “leftist” sharing news articles from NEd


Yeonmi Park said her father died of cancer. Her mother said paid 2 people Carrie body was a lie she said she buried body in another interview Yeonmi said she buried ashes an other video Yeonmi Park said her mother went back to china get ashes that Yeonmi Park said on One Young World she buried in secret. Fabricated stories Yeonmi Park is telling.


4:29 “And then they took the babies from the incubators…”


horrifying truth.. inconvenient for the brainwashed. thank you sir for exposing the lies.. it’s vital vital vital work for the current world.


Russia and China, as part of the Allied Forces, lost 47 million people stopping Hitler. They are currently gathering a new Allied Forces, to stop the new Empire in town: the US/NATO Empire…taking over more land than Hitler ever dreamed of. WW3 unfolding before our eyes. Who will join the Allied Forces? Who will join the US Empire? US Empire is a mirror image of what happened in Germany as WW2 unfolded.


Brillante y valiente periodista, y para que harán o con que propósito hacen esas intrigas?


Honestly I can see the fear in the eyes of those who promote or direct in any way NED, when you question them…how they run away from you, because you uphold the truth, and therefore they see you as a vampire sees a silver bullet. ” the truth will set you free”…


This makes freedom and democracy look evil


I really enjoyed these reports. Washington DC is demon NOT a democratic country.


Thanks for this. US Corporate Media fails us.


For further backstory on the NED, google “robert parry perception management”…


It is still quite shocking to me that my media in the UK and the American media and the Canadian, German, French, Dutch, Swedish…all of the ”free” world’s establishment media (and much of the rest) is full of shit. It really can’t be trusted.


Top shelf report max.


Great piece of work. Thanks.


there’re north korean working in chinese kidnapped by south korean and forced to make false testimony about north korea. basically everything on msm about north korea is pure lie.


Pelosi was talking about the US she described the population accurately she just confused it with N Korea


I don’t know what Is worse. living in North Korea with Kim jug on, or here with Trump, and his crazy war monger’s. the wrong #Amazon Is burning, and the wrong Ice is melting. thanks Wonka Luv’z y’all anyway.


Love your work


You can have democracy, but once u have the democratic model like those of West and US, you will be always be under their world order, never to outdo them. Guess which country know this and thus was attacked by US and the West , day in , day out. I ask u, would u like a cobbler to become the CEO of a global company? Of course not, look at those ctries which followed the democratic model of US! A comedian become the President of Ukraine!A dishonest , a bankrupt , businessman, becomes the President of the most powerful ctry in the world!


Max this video is great but please learn how to say “Xinjiang” properly


The evrr dirty USA where lies, cheats and steals is the order of the day.


americas whole foreign policy is based on liar testimony. every aspect of what goes on in washington is based on lies and half truths, both foreign and domestic.


In the western world there is so much economic inequality – so should these countries like Russia – China – Korea and some other countries get together and creat NEEE – National endowment for economic equality just like NED
You really need a pop filter.
NED is indoctrination, not democracy.


Well done, Max.


LOL, they don’t even change their playbook, they have SOP for color revolution.


National Endowment for Hypocrisy
Look at HK… the CIA used to do this secretly… but now the NED is an NGO that does the dirty work for the CIA


Its a terrible shame that Blumenthal pushes the lie that Trotsky somehow is responsible for the Neo cons. People that he cites are people who REJECTED Trotsky.. even though they may have once come from groups that thought of themselves as Trotskyist. Trotsky always defended and supported the Soviet Union ..his critique of Stalin gets turned by people like Blumenthal into him being anti Socialist…and Anti Soviet. Some of the people he mentions did become anti Soviet and moved on to becoming players for the Neo Cons and Israel. Others Like the disgusting International Socialists ( ISO) turned to calling the Soviet Union just another form of Capitalism and even opposed the heroic Cuban troops that defeated South Africa in Angola…calling them an imperialist occupation force. More genuine Trotskyist Leninist’s like the Spartacist League , with all their faults…praised the Cubans..and fought against Solidarnosc..they were hated by the liberal left and the ISO for this. It is just WRONG that Blumenthal and so many others push this lie and advance the falsification of history by doing so. I otherwise support much of his fine work.


you misquoted, the North Korean girl did not say she escaped with her mother only at 5:45. why r u lying? and you edited the video at that part, some screens are being cut as well.
True journalism.


You won’t be able to get away with amazing infiltrations like this for long if they are properly dispersed among civilians. It is great that you used it to such strong effect. Keep defining yourselves and achieving such needed distinction within journalistic integrity.


Elizabeth Taylor, thank you so much for this Max, I’d never heard at all about this dreadful group tho they badly affected things I was very interested in and cared about a lot, like Nicaragua 1990.
Blowjob Pelosi could hardly dodder away fast enough when she heard “Russia”.


NED bunch of CREEPS! They have no rights!
thanks to the Max !


Oh well the Kim’s are great then
do americans support what their government is doing outside US?


Thank you for my government who like to interfere other countries for democratic???? Humans right???? I can tell HK peaceful rioters???? I want to join this good pay job.????? God bless America
Liars, cocodile tears, hows are the free money paid by the american tax payers? nice right?


Kimy likey Sum Yong Gurl…
That was absolutely brilliant. However I am unsettled by ending saying the journalist was Sidney Blumenthal’s son. Now I don’t know what to think
satanic machine.. SMH
Max be careful. Look what happened to Epstein. Almost everything which could go allegedly went wrong and Epstein was eliminated. Who knows may be Killary and her seven pervert dwarfs did it but one is for sure that he knew so much that they feared him and were desperate making up such a story. So be careful my friend in the criminal states of zionazimerica. It is like the daughter of ambassador of kuwait before the Iraq war. Those who claim that others are dictator are themselves the real dictators. Those coup makers got busted in Turkey 2015. Not anymore, said Turkish people.



Some facts are obvious: if the “blankist faces” she ever saw were the N Koreans Pelosi obviously must be dozing off in Congress – the drone, I guess. And since Kuwait, the ante has been raised on ghoulish atrocities requiring R2P attention: an invasion over incubators and now producing babies for hungry dogs!. Don’t think I can stomach the next fantasy.


US divides China by playing risky Taiwan card with arms sales that will lead to serious consequences and puts Taiwan at risk

New U.S. arms sale to Taiwan and rising trends of ‘white supremacy’ in the U.S.

White House playing wrong card in its risky game with China

Following its $2.2 billion arms deal with Taiwan that was announced on July 9, the United States Department of State has reportedly “informally” notified corresponding House and Senate committees that it supports the sale of F-16 fighter jets to the island.

Not surprisingly, the Chinese government has lodged “solemn representations” against the $8 billion deal, as it has each time arms sales to the island have been proposed or carried out.

That is because they seriously violate the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués, especially the Aug 17, 1982, communiqué, and interfere in China’s internal affairs and undermine China’s sovereignty and security interests, as the Chinese Foreign Ministry pointed out on Monday.

Of course, should the deal get the green light and be inked by both Washington and Taipei, the actual delivery will not take place for several years.

Even if they were to be delivered immediately, 66 F-16s will do very little to change the military imbalance between the two sides of the Taiwan Straits.

Given the mainland’s asymmetrical and constantly enlarging military advantage against Taiwan, rather than constituting a severe security challenge to the mainland, the surplus F-16s to be sold to Taiwan represent a matter of principle in Beijing’s eyes. It holds sovereignty over Taiwan to be a “core interest” as well as a diplomatic redline in its relations with foreign countries.

Not to mention there is the legitimate concern that the Washington may be employing the arms sales to Taiwan, along with the ongoing protests in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, as bargaining chips in its trade talks with Beijing.

However, playing the Taiwan card will more likely than not ruin the prospect of a deal rather than facilitate it. As Beijing has repeatedly stated, a deal will not be made at the expense of such a key national interest.

The only thing the proposed arms sale can do is to send what Washington has time and again been warned are the “wrong messages” to Taipei, encouraging it to edge further toward a military showdown with the mainland, the outcome of which is easily predictable. Such a scenario would be detrimental to Taiwan, the mainland and the US.

Given it announced it would impose sanctions on the companies involved in the July deal, Beijing’s response to the latest arms sales has actually been disproportionally restrained so far considering the severity of the matter.

But Washington should stop its grave interference in China’s internal affairs, cease selling arms to the island and end all military contacts with it, otherwise China will have to take measures to safeguard its interests depending on how the situation develops. Source link

US arms sales to Taiwan will lead to serious consequences 


Gun and Freedom


US President Donald Trump confirmed Sunday that he has approved the sale of $8 billion worth of F-16V fighter jets to Taiwan. According to reports, the arms sales involved 66 fighters of this type, and it was believed that the deal will pass smoothly in US Congress.

It would be the largest single US arms sale to Taiwan in recent years. In 1992, the Bush administration decided to sell 150 F-16A/B fighter jets worth $6 billion to Taiwan. That deal wreaked havoc on Sino-US relations.

Objectively, with the PLA’s combat capability constantly increasing, even if Taiwan spends all defense budgets to buy US weapons, it will have no real impact on the military situation across the Taiwan Straits. Taiwan is no longer a military rival of the Chinese mainland. The PLA has the ability to disarm the Taiwan military in a very short time. US arms sales to Taiwan cannot change this basic reality.

However, US arms sales to Taiwan have become the biggest link in strengthening political relations between the US and the island of Taiwan.

Beijing has been consistently opposing US arms sales to Taiwan. This time the Trump administration is doing what the Bush administration did 27 years ago, and it comes at a time of tensions between China and the US. It is expected that China will take strong countermeasures.

The Chinese mainland can take steps in two directions. First, it can crank up military pressure on Taiwan, so that it will become a political liability for Tsai ing-wen and her administration. Second, the more weapons Taiwan buys, the greater the risk. Whoever pushes for arms purchases will suffer politically. The Chinese mainland must act firm to establish a new political understanding of Taiwan’s military purchases.

There are many measures that the Chinese mainland can take in this regard. To date, promoting peaceful reunification has been the basic purpose of the mainland’s cross-Strait policies. China’s policy toward Taiwan can be changed, given the worsening cross-Strait relations by Taiwan authorities. Ratcheting up military pressure is another option for China.
It is very dangerous to use force to resist reunification and serve as a strategic pawn of the US, especially at a time of serious tensions between China and the US.

Beijing should insist that the money for the F-16V sold by the US be deducted from its trade with China. The twists and turns of China-US economic and trade negotiations tell us that the US has no bottom-line, and the longer the battle against it lasts, the more likely it will increase our losses.

We suggest that China directly link US arms sales to Taiwan with China’s purchase of US agricultural products in the future. China will buy less US agricultural products for every weapon the US sells to Taiwan. If we make that decision, and stick with it for a few years, it will be American farmers versus arms dealers. It won’t be long before there is a domestic backlash in the US against arms sales to Taiwan.

It is a long process from the signing of the arms sales contract between the US and island of Taiwan to its implementation. We must not allow this contract to be implemented comfortably between both parties. We must make both the island of Taiwan and Washington suffer because of it. Source link


Arms purchase puts Taiwan at risk 


The US State Department formally announced on Tuesday that the US government had decided to sell $8 billion in military equipment, including 66 new F-16V fighter jets, to the island of Taiwan. The plan still needs congressional approval but it is unlikely to be turned down.

This is the largest-ever US arms sale to the island, which will definitely impact the China-US relations and the situation across the Taiwan Straits.

Taiwan regional leader Tsai Ing-wen’s authorities consider the arms purchase a big political score and will try to use it to convince Taiwan people that the US is reliable in protecting the island and that the radical policy of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is secure, hoping the arms sale could help get Tsai reelected as the regional leader in 2020.

Taiwan’s military buildup is meaningless when compared with the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), which is getting increasingly stronger. Most analysts believe that it will only take the PLA hours to take down the island if the mainland resorts to force. It doesn’t matter what weapons the island has purchased.

What Taiwan needs most to keep itself safe is to hold the political bottom line rather than picking a wrong path that leads to the extreme condition, in which the PLA has no alternative but to take decisive action. The major arms purchase could probably bring the island greater risks instead of security.

Taiwan must never try to promote de jure independence. If the island goes toward the direction with the salami-slicing strategy, it will only accumulate risks for itself. Taiwan must not act as a puppet of the US to contain the Chinese mainland. Otherwise, it will only find a dead end. The US won’t be able to protect it and the Chinese mainland will definitely not let it have its way.

Taiwan considers Chinese mainland-US tensions an opportunity to develop its ties with the US. The island has been trying to get involved in the US Indo-Pacific Strategy, proactively enhancing its role as a leverage of the US to strategically contain the Chinese mainland. It is a very risky move.

The higher cost and the risk of resorting to force is an important reason the Chinese mainland upholds peaceful reunification. Once the island’s authorities, by cooperating with the US, sharply increase the mainland’s cost of maintaining peace across the Taiwan Straits, the mainland will certainly reconsider its peaceful reunification policy and deliberate on other options.

If the Taiwan authorities insist on going their own way, the PLA will likely take action against the island to either liberate the island or deter and alert Taiwan secessionist forces. If the island’s authorities are bent on their wrong way, the mainland will increase military pressure on the island. Simultaneously, the probability of cross-Straits military frictions will grow, which will boost the likelihood that the PLA will take forceful military measures to punish the island. The DPP will pay for its ventures. Source link


Pence’s threat on HK affairs outrageous

The US wants to revive its domestic economy, but choosing a conflict in such an important direction is bound to lead to a serious distraction of resources and attention. China will stand firm, not fail, and history will conclude: America has chosen the wrong adversary
at the wrong time.

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he stands alone agai…
A rioter waves a US national flag in Tsim Sha Tsui district in Hong Kong on August 11. Photo: AFP The … Move reflects Washington’s limited options: analysts The US on Monday moved to grant another 90-day .

More people around the world see U.S. power and influence as a ‘major threat’ to their country

Trump is the biggest threat


Trump-Washington disorder drags world down, lost humanity’s fight for survival against climate change

‘We lied, we cheated, we stole’, ‘the glory of American experiment’ by US Secretary of State/Ex-CIA director Mike Pompeo

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment.”

Pompeo said this at an event at Texas A&M University on April 15, 2019. Here is the official State Department transcript:….

Support our original journalism at Patreon:


‘Glory of American experiment’: What did Pompeo mean by that?






Mike Pompeo is loved by the Koch brothers, big oil, Islamophobes, people against  marriage equality, and of course, Donald J. Trump. Narrated by Judy Gold. » Subscribe to NowThis:
With business ties to foreign governments, connections to the defense and oil industries, nonchalance towards torture, and hatreds of entire cultures, it’s no surprise Mike   Pompeo’s run as Trump’s CIA Director was short lived – but his time in the White House continues on as U.S. Secretary of State and head of all U.S. diplomatic relations.

Pompeo: ‘I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole’




 ‘I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. It’s – it was like – we had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment’ – Pompeo

Mike Pompeo says, “Lying, cheating and stealing reminds you of the glory of the American experiment”


Pictured above: US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, telling it like it is: lying, cheating and stealing are the glory of the American experiment. It’s what the capitalist West does best. He was adored by the audience like a success guru.
Source article with all the images and hyperlinks:…
Mike Pompeo says, “Lying, cheating and stealing reminds you of the …

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Illustration: Liu Rui/GT US President-elect Donald Trump appointed Peter Navarro, a strident critic of China, as head of the new Nat… China Has Not Manipulated the Yuan, PIIE’s Bergsten Says https://&#8230;
A profile photo of Peter Navarro Photo: IC ○ Navarro used the idea of the seven sins to criticize China, which showed his narrow and d…
A rioter waves a US national flag in Tsim Sha Tsui district in Hong Kong on August 11. Photo: AFP How …

Trump is the biggest threat

Not much help: Despite his use of
tariffs to help skew the playing field in favour of US firms, the very
industries Trump has tried to help have become the weakest links in the
otherwise solid economy.

WASHINGTON: At rallies and whistle-stop campaign tours, President Donald Trump proclaims a renaissance in US factories rebuilding the nation with “American steel”, “American heart” and “American hands”.

But in reality, despite his relentless use of punitive tariffs to help skew the playing field in favour of US companies, the very industries he has tried to help have become the weakest links in the otherwise solid economy.

With just over a year to go before he faces re-election, Trump takes credit for the most vigorous economy in the industrialised world, with the expansion entering its 11th year and historically low unemployment.

But while services and office jobs dominate the US economy, Trump continues to promote the factory and mining jobs that were the lifeblood of the economy in the last century.

“American steel mills are roaring back to life,” he declared last month in Florida – the same day US Steel announced it would idle plants in Michigan and Indiana until “market conditions improve”.

And to West Virginians he said, “The coal industry is back.”

But in fact each of the sectors Trump has championed – coal mining, steel, aluminium and auto manufacturing – have been buffeted by a combination of market forces and changing technologies – factors beyond his control – or damaged by the very things he did to protect them, economists and analysts say.

Last month, a national survey of manufacturing activity hit its lowest level in nearly three years – narrowly avoiding slipping into contraction – while regional surveys have also seen record declines.

In March, the number of workers in US manufacturing shrank for the first time in nearly two years and it is now growing more slowly than the rest of the American workforce.

Trump has imposed tariffs on hundreds of billions in imports, renegotiated trade agreements and dangled the threat of worse over China and Europe and Mexico – all while publicly browbeating companies that close US factories or move production offshore.

But weak foreign demand, a strong US dollar and a decades-long evolution away from domestic manufacturing have progressively shrunk America’s industrial sector, said Gregory Daco, chief US economist at Oxford Economics.

Trump’s world trade war has not helped either.

“The policies that have been implemented in terms of protectionism have hurt the very sectors they were meant to protect. There’s no escaping that,” Daco said. – AFP/The Star

Read more

China can effectively sanction US companies who sell weapons to Taiwan: experts

The US is deploying a double standard by calling China’s proposed sanctions on US companies for arms sales to Taiwan a “foolish action,” Chinese mainland analysts said on Sunday, pointing out that the sanctions could not only cut base material supply to these companies including rare earths but also block their non-military products from entering Chinese markets.


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Illustration: Liu Rui/GT US President-elect Donald Trump appointed Peter Navarro, a strident critic of China, as head of the new Nat… After Huawei, U.S. blacklists Chinese supercomputers

Uncertainty over the future of US-China economic relations has derailed the once high-flying global equity market, which rose almost 15 per .

American China Experts open letter against Trump’s China policy; Hong Kong attacks a political act

‘China is Not an Enemy’ Says Open Letter Signed by 100 American China Experts to Trump


U.S. President Donald Trump. Photo: VCG
U.S. President Donald Trump. Photo: VCG

Experts tell Trump that China is not the enemy, so who is?

A hundred American academics, diplomats and experts from the military and business communities signed an open letter calling on President Donald Trump to reexamine his policy toward China. The letter was published Wednesday in the Washington Post.

In the letter, titled “China is Not an Enemy,” the signatories express concern over the negative orientation of the Trump administration’s China policy.

“We do not believe Beijing is an economic enemy or an existential national security threat that must be confronted in every sphere,” the experts say in the letter.

The five authors are M. Taylor Fravel, a professor at MIT; J. Stapleton Roy, a former U.S. ambassador to China; Michael D. Swaine of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Susan A. Thornton, the former assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific Affairs; and Ezra Vogel, a professor at the Harvard University Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies.

The deterioration of the bilateral relationship is not in the interests of the U.S. or the rest of the world, and Trump’s attempt to “decouple China from the global economy” will damage the U.S. global reputation, according to the letter.

“The United States cannot significantly slow China’s rise without damaging itself,” the authors write.

“The fear that Beijing will replace the United States as the global leader is exaggerated,” the letter says. “Most other countries have no interest in such an outcome, and it is not clear that Beijing itself sees this goal as necessary or feasible.”

The key message of the letter is that the U.S. should not make China its enemy, especially in a rash manner, said Li Cheng, director of the Brookings Institution’s John L. Thornton China Center, who signed the letter.

Signatories are representative as they hold different views toward China — some are pro-China and others are more critical, Li said. But they all disagree with the Trump administration’s China policy, Li said.

“I won’t say we are the majority,” Li said. “Maybe we are the minority that can’t change some people’s extreme views, but among those who reexamine the U.S. policy on China, many have started reconsideration.” Additional scholars have endorsed the letter after its publication online, he said.

A better policy orientation for the U.S. would focus on building long-term alliances that support economic and security objectives based on a realistic assessment of China’s ideology, interests, goals and actions, the experts write.

“We believe that the large number of signers of this open letter clearly indicates that there is no single Washington consensus endorsing an overall adversarial stance toward China, as some believe exists,” the letter concludes.

Views toward China vary significantly among different social groups in the U.S. and also inside the government, Li said.

“There is a need for different voices to let China know that there is no consensus on America’s China policy, and there won’t be one for a long time,” Li said.

Most of the signers are older experts who don’t represent the views of younger Americans, some observers said. Although the open letter originally targeted senior scholars with strong academic backgrounds, Li said it’s inappropriate to argue that younger scholars view China in a more adversarial way. A public poll showed that Americans under 29 are actually friendlier toward China, Li said.

Older scholars and officials have a better understanding of China after witnessing the country’s changes over recent decades, but members of younger generations will also know China better as time goes by, Li said.

“A proper discussion of China policy is very important, and it shouldn’t be limited inside the government,” Li said. Although it is unclear whether the letter will influence policy, he said it sends a strong message that “the views toward China between the U.S. government and scholars are different.”

Since last year, the two countries have been locked in a trade war, slapping tit-for-tat tariffs on hundreds of billions of dollars of each other’s goods. Chinese President Xi Jinping and Trump agreed last week at a G-20 summit in Osaka, Japan, to resume trade talks. The U.S. also agreed not to impose new tariffs on Chinese imports.

This story was updated with Li’s comments.

By Qing Ying, Ren Qiuyu and Han Wei

Contact reporter Ren Qiuyu (; Han Wei (


Source link 


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Trump urged to  take ‘wiser’  approach with  Beijing in open letter from China
experts in US The Straits Times


US actions hurting relations with China, 100 academics, policy …

Letter to exert positive impact but unlikely to be taken seriously by White House: experts

An open letter to US President Donald Trump signed by scores of Asia specialists including former US diplomats and military officers has revealed that rational voices are emerging to challenge paranoid ideas, Chinese experts noted on Thursday.

China insists all trade war tariffs must be eliminated as part of a trade deal

‘Hong Kong attacks a political act’ – Asean+ | The Star Online

During an interview Thursday, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt still refused to directly criticize the violent protesters who stormed and vandalized the Hong Kong Legislative Council. Instead, he superficially stated that the UK condemns “all violence” and warned China again. He did not elaborate on the “serious consequences” that he previously warned China that it may face, but said the UK is “keeping options open” over China.

Almost all analyses believe Hunt is putting on an air. Nobody believes the UK will send its only aircraft carrier to China’s coast. Nor would anyone believe the UK will punish Beijing at the cost of hurting trade with China. The UK has been dwarfed by China in military and trade. Hunt’s inappropriate statements make many British people nervous: Will Beijing cancel an order from the UK to warn British politicians?

If China-UK relations deteriorate, will expelling Chinese diplomats become a card for London? This was the way that the Theresa May government used to deal with Moscow when a former Russian spy was poisoned in the UK. BBC reporters asked Hunt about the possibility for expelling diplomats. But it seems more like these BBC reporters, who bully politicians for pleasure, were using the unreliable option to make things difficult for Hunt.

Launching a diplomatic war against China leads to nowhere. European countries will not stand by London on the Hong Kong issue. By worsening diplomatic relations with China, the UK will only isolate itself.

What’s important is that Beijing has done nothing wrong on the Hong Kong issue. It is obvious to all that China persists in the “one country, two systems” policy, and Hong Kong’s system is different from the mainland’s. The Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, proposed by Hong Kong regional government, was a small cause of the unrest. It was politicized and magnified by opposition factions. The situation escalated according to the logic under Hong Kong’s system, not that of the mainland. But such storming and vandalizing is not acceptable under Hong Kong’s system or any system worldwide.

Instead of blaming violent protesters, Hunt directed his ire against Beijing, which is based on his selfish interests to win the election. Hunt wants to defeat Boris Johnson. In charge of diplomacy, Hunt believes the Hong Kong issue is a chance that dropped into his and the UK’s lap. But this is not the 19th century when the Opium War broke out. The UK has gone past its prime.

Hunt knew that Beijing would sniff at his threat of “serious consequences.” But he still said it because he needed to play in front of voters. This is political fraud. Hunt obviously believes that the British people can be manipulated like a flock of sheep.

But Hunt’s stunt has no good effect. Many British people are more worried whether Hunt’s words would lead to “serious consequences” from China. Purpose and ability should match in diplomatic strategy, but Hunt is obviously outwardly strong and inwardly weak. Even the British people think his performance is amusing.

In a few short years, one minute the UK calls its relations with China the “Golden Era,” and the next minute it warns China of “serious consequences.” Although these statements are from different administrations and politicians, the UK still shows inconsistency in policy. The country also swung from side to side on Brexit. The UK’s politics have become politicians’ coffers and plots. They are undermining the UK’s image.

Under such circumstances, we should not be too serious when dealing with the UK. Regardless of whether it shows a friendly or an opportunistic gesture, we should remind ourselves this will not be its first or last attitude toward China, and by saying that we mean it will be in a relatively short time, to be specific. – Global Times

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Alarm bells ring in Washington as China and Russia TEAM UP


Moscow’s strongman this week welcomed Mr Xi to the Kremlin for a three-day state visit to sign new trade deals and investment promises. After the Chinese President touched down in Russia on Wednesday, Mr Putin led him on a tour of Moscow Zoo, where two pandas loaned to Russia by the Chinese for a 15 year project are staying. The offer of Ru Yi, a male, and Ding Ding, a female, who will live at the zoo with the aim of reproducing, was a “gesture of particular respect and trust in Russia,” Mr Putin said.

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But while it make take some time for the animals’ partnership to bear fruit – pandas are known to be reluctant breeders – the two leaders’ fellowship has hit “an unprecedented high level”.

Beijing is embroiled in a bitter trade war with Washington while Moscow is suffering the consequences of sanctions imposed by the West over the Ukraine conflict.

As their talks kicked off, Mr Putin told Mr Xi : “Our strategic partnership, we believe, has reached an unprecedented high level.


Mr Trump’s hard stance against Russia and China has brought the two countries closer together (Image: GETTY)


putin and jinping
 Mr. Putin led Mr Xi on a tour of Moscow Zoo to see the two pandas (Image: GETTY)

“We are living in the best of days, in terms of our country’s relations… Our interests are very similar.” The fond words came at the start of the trip which will see the Chinese leader attend Russia’s flagship economic forum in St Petersburg later this week.

Mr Putin and Mr Xi vowed to deepen military technical cooperation at the talks in Moscow, as businesses from both nations signed off deals.

In a statement published by the Kremlin, Mr Xi said: “Over the past six years we have met almost 30 times … Putin is my best friend and a good colleague.”

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putin and jinping

The two pandas will stay in Moscow for 15 years (Image: GETTY)

The two men displayed a relaxed demeanour as they toured the zoo to begin the visit hailed as a “milestone” for the two countries’ alliance.

Last week, China’s deputy foreign minister, Zhang Hanhui, said: “The close and effective co-ordination of Russia and China on international affairs… has been an anchor and stabilising force amid rapid changes in the international situation.”

Beijing is Moscow’s top trading partner while Moscow is Beijing’s tenth-largest trading partner.
Later this year, the Power of Siberia pipeline connecting Russia to China is due to be complete, which is reportedly valued at £315bn ($400bn)

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